24 January 2015

The Rambling Geeks Podcast - Episode 6: Movie Awards and the Worst of 2014

Schuyler (left) and Andy (right), the Dynamic Duo!

Special guest Schuyler (of Mostly Movies with Shoutsma) and Andy conclude their conversation about the good and bad of cinema in 2014, ranting about the pitfalls of the misguided Winter's Tale and the abomination that is Transformers: Age of Extinction! But all is not for bad, cos after the ripping and shredding is over, the Dynamic Duo give out their own 'awards', recognizing the best in visual effects, cinematography, writing, performances, and commenting on the most memorable scenes of the year!

Thanks for listening, and as always, give us your thoughts and comments below!

08 January 2015

The Rambling Geeks Podcast - Episode 5: Top 10 Movies of 2014

IT'S TIME! Co-host Andy (me) is accompanied by a spectacularly entertaining guest in the form of Schuyler of Mostly Movies with Shoutsma! If his voice sounds familiar, it's because Schuyler was the anchor of the Filmography podcast from Mankato University! After five months without sharing a mic together, the dynamic duo have reunited to talk long and in-depth about their favorite movies of 2014. There's some surprises, some rants, some jokes, and every once in a while, some proper insight. Have a listen, and as always, leave comments and thoughts below! What are your favorite movies of 2014?

This podcast is Part 1 of 2 celebrating the good and bad of cinema. Check back next week for the less than good movies of the year, and some special Rambling Geeks awards!