31 August 2015

MMAM - Vol. 58

To celebrate the forthcoming DVD/Blu-Ray release of George Miller's phenomenally entertaining MAD MAX: FURY ROAD this Tuesday, I usher in the new era of Much Music Awesomeness Mondays with this stellar track from the flick. Composed by Junkie XL, "Brothers in Arms" plays about a hour into the film as Max, Furiosa and the gang make a risky rush through the cannon, attracting the attention of several unfriendly parties.

If there's one thing I love above all, I enjoy music with a epic feel, and "Brothers in Arm" has it in spades. There's this sense kind of Terminator-sense to this music, where an impossible mission is being undertaken against an impossible enemy, and that is gripping as hell. With FURY ROAD and RUN ALL NIGHT, Junkie XL is making quite the name for himself, and with his collaboration with Hans Zimmer for 2016's BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, it's safe to say the musical experience for that film will be something quite special.

So while gorging on the beauty of this track, save your bucks for MAD MAX: FURY ROAD coming out this Tuesday on DVD/Blu-Ray!