03 December 2008

The Alphabet Meme

The bloke over at Blog Cabins began this game a month ago, and while I'm procrastinating writing a global warming paper for Comp 1, I figured I'd put my own two little cents in. Besides, seems like fun. Evidently, pick your favorite movies for each particular letter. Seems easy enough. There's still plenty of flicks I have yet to see, and which are included on pretty much all lists, but I'll make due with ones I find myself watching over and over. Here's the rules:

1. Pick one film to represent each letter of the alphabet.

2. The letter "A" and the word "The" do not count as the beginning of a film's title, unless the film is simply titled A or The, and I don't know of any films with those titles.

3. Return of the Jedi belongs under "R," not "S" as in Star Wars Episode IV: Return of the Jedi. This rule applies to all films in the original Star Wars trilogy; all that followed start with "S." Similarly, Raiders of the Lost Ark belongs under "R," not "I" as in Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Conversely, all films in the LOTR series belong under "L" and all films in the Chronicles of Narnia series belong under "C," as that's what those filmmakers called their films from the start. In other words, movies are stuck with the titles their owners gave them at the time of their theatrical release. Use your better judgment to apply the above rule to any series/films not mentioned.

4. Films that start with a number are filed under the first letter of their number's word. 12 Monkeys would be filed under "T."

5. Link back to Blog Cabins in your post so that I can eventually type "alphabet meme" into Google and come up #1, then make a post where I declare that I am the King of Google.

6. If you're selected, you have to then select 5 more people.

American Pie 2

Batman Begins

Clerks II


Enemy of the State

Faculty, The


Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers



King Kong (2005)

Last Samurai, The

Matrix Reloaded, The

New Guy, The

One, The

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Q the Winged Serpent


Seventh Voyage of Sinbad



V for Vendetta

War of the Worlds (2005)

X From Outer Space, The

Young Frankenstein


I'll probably be editing this bugger later on, but I'm currently happy with my choices. And for those not really with the love for Jet Li's action flick The One, I get it, but for some reason, it's pure, perfect entertainment for me. And I know Zoolander is a common choice, but really, that was one terrifically hilarious movie, and something Will Ferrell luckily wasn't able to destroy with his presence. The ones that took the longest was E, R and Y. Indeed, I know Raiders of the Lost Ark is the popular choice, but honestly, I don't watch it that often, and I confess I've only watched Young Frankenstein once, but it was the only thing I could conjure up. And yes, I'm aware there's plenty of teen titles included, but dude, I'm a teen - I enjoy this stuff.

Anyway, I'm not going to tag anyone, but I highly recommend that if anyone wants to join in, please do so! I've now wasted almost 30 minutes of could-be work time to do this, and now I'm really behind. Bollocks. Anyone want to do the paper for me? (scans hans) No? Bugger. Alright, cheers!


whoissecretdubai said...


A humble request...

Do you, by any chance, happen to know who Secret Dubai (the blogger: secretdubai.blogspot.com) is?


thebonebreaker said...

Great List Andrew!!
Especially with The One & Returner! :-)