03 January 2009

Kyle XY Season Three Episode Guide

Kyle XY returns to the ABC Family channel Mondays at 8 PM with 10 all new episodes! Starring Matt Dallas, Marguerite MacIntyre, Bruce Thomas, April Matson, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Chris Olivero, Kirsten Prout, Jaimie Alexander, the show promises thrills, plenty of action, and a truckload of teen angst!

Picking up directly after the events of season two, season three delves into the mythology of Latnok while Kyle continues to explore the limits of his abilities. Plus, there's the whole Amanda relationship that is destined to be doomed, and Jessi being a potential love interest for Kyle (despite the producers going against the notion back in season two). This season is sure to please newcomers and fans alike!

It Happened One Night 12 January 2009
Amanda is missing and Kyle has not a clue whereas to find her. Lori and Declan are reeling from splitsville, Andy and Josh attend the after prom party for some good-time gamming, and Jessi helps a friend in need find a person she isn't all that much friends with - but at a cost. And Kyle meets people he didn't expect.

Psychic Friend 19 January 2009
Following the events of prom night, Kyle is ever more watchful over Amanda. A psychic's warning that his soul mate will be in danger worries Kyle and becomes even more over-protective of Amanda, causing her to distance herself from him in the process. The consequences of Jessi helping Kyle leave her depressed and unbalanced. Lori and Haley are in an argument over a particular boy.

Electric Kiss 26 January 2009

The effects of the device Latnok put into Amanda is beginning to take its toll - she's losing concentration and unable to play the piano effectively. Kyle refuses help from Cassidy, the ring leader of the college-version of Latnok, and thus turns to Jessi. After a whole bunch of electric mumbo-jumbo that will destroy the device inside Amanda, Kyle tests it on Jessi - but of course, he needs to plant a kiss on her to ensure the correct electrical charge. Bad side - Amanda catches him. Bloody hell.

In the Company of Men
Kyle's trying to survive the post break-up world by going out with Josh and Declan and having a few bears. Of course, this being his first time drinking, things go out of hand, and by the end of the night, some disturbing news could irrevocably change Kyle's life forever.

Life Support
Reeling from the news Foss gave him the night before, Kyle loses concentration on the road and ends up riding off and crashing into a tree after narrowing missing a woman on the road. Kyle and Josh go to help her, finding that not only does she have a attitude, but she's preggers. While they tend to her, Nicole is in a predicament of her own - she's bleeding pretty bad, and she can't get out of the vehicle.

Welcome to Latnok 16 February 2009

In order to help the Traigers pay for Nicole's whopping hospital bill, Kyle does good on his promise to Cassidy and goes to Latnok, and what he finds there is rather surprising. Instead of a bunch of suits, he's treated to a group of talented college students seeking technological advancement. Meanwhile, some upsetting news disturbs the Andy and Josh loveboat, while Mark reveals a little something about himself to Lori.

Chemistry 101 23 February 2009
Amanda starts a new relationship with Nate, which makes Kyle quite jealous. But things are even more complicated after Jessi confesses her true feelings to Kyle. With that revelation and Amanda's new boy, Kyle's also not-so-trusting with Cassidy. Oh, and Andy's moving to Seattle.

Tell-Tale Heart 02 March 2009
The discovery of Sarah's Latnok ring makes Jessi anxious to learn the truth, and once she does - well, it quite shatters her spirits. Meanwhile, Declan tries to get Lori and Hailey to speak to eachother after the post-prom incident, and as revenge, they plot to kill him...in a nice way. Also, Josh and Andy's relationship becomes strained as Josh is depression about Andy's departure is making him no-fun guy any longer.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner 09 March 2009
Kyle invites Cassidy to dinner at the Traigers, officially speaking as a guest, but un-officially, he's dishing out some information from the dude. Jessi, meanwhile, is losing her mind over the recent revelation concerning Sarah. Josh and Andy spend one last day together as she's to leave in the morning.

Bringing Down the House 16 March 2009
Kyle needs to stop Latnok - like, right now, 'cuz they're re-starting the experiments that created him and Jessi...on a grand scale. Like, Attack of the Clones huge.


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