09 June 2009

The '10' Meme

Caffeinated Joe has caught wind of two memes currently sweeping move blogs, both involving a 'Top 10' of sorts. And me, having nothing to do, have taken it upon myself to uphold the meme tradition and tackle it head-on. Plus, it's a nice distraction from me writing, trashing, and re-writing reviews for movies that I'm not all that sure what the hell to write about. So, happy me.

First up is a "Ten Movies in Your Netflix Que" meme, supplied by Gilligan over at Retrospace.

1. Outlander

2. Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

3. The Seventh Seal

4. Lars and the Real Girl

5. 12 Monkeys

6. Earthsea

7. Merlin: Special Edition

8. The Last Legion

9. Losin' It

10. Lady Snowblood

And secondly is a "Last Ten Movies" meme, basically chronicling the last ten flicks one has watched, by Calvin over at his blog. This was sorta difficult to remember the actual movies I've watched recently, since I've been on a TV binge watching Dexter (Seasons 1 & 2), Smallville Season 8, and 24 Season 7.

1. Ghosts of Girlfriends Past [Just got back from this; I had seen pretty much everything that interested me in theaters, so this was next on the list, and it wasn't all that bad. Actually pretty enjoyable, just not a fan of the two leads, funnily enough]

2. Drag Me To Hell [Never been a die-hard Raimi fan, but I definitely enjoyed this horror/comedy hybird, that more than once got me with some of its "jump" tactics; in fact, Raimi has accomplished the nearly impossible: he made wind and weird noises in a totally vacant house freaky again]

3. Transformers [In preparation for the sequel later this month, I just thought it fitting to re-watch the original 2007 movie, and to my surprise, I actually enjoy it a thousand times better with my 50th viewing than the first time]

4. Star Trek [Best. Movie. Yet. 3rd tiem seeing it, and it still holds up marvelously. I LOVE this movie, and by the time it concludes, I want to either A) re-watch it, or B) watch the sequel. It doesn't get better than this]

5. The Dark Knight [Still pretty much perfect. I've been re-watching it a lot lately in preparation for its 1-year anniversary review I'm going to try to chum out; God I love this movie. So, I bet you couldn't get the review will be mostly positive, right?]

6. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [Average fun with Ben Stiller and an "hey, that guy!" cast, this sequel to a movie that wasn't all that-loved definitely loves that 'bigger is better' mantra as there's a bunch of things flying and miscellaneous dudes coming to life and then there's this subplot with an undead army of human/bird people - it's all great fun, but a little boring]

7. Terminator Salvation [A adrenaline-fueled fourth entry that disappointments only in regard with its lack of story and characterization; nearly all explosions and no actual substance, that is why Salvation fails]

8. Paul Blart: Mall Cop [A throw-away January movie that just happened to become popular enough to get a lot of mullah and publicity, there's some funny jokes spread far and in-between, and the story is far from original, but it's the cast that sells this mundane title]

9. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines [With the new movie coming out, why not check it out again? And hey, I may be one of the 150 blokes in the world who actually really like this third installment; I'd take it over Salvation, and it's not just because of the beauty that is Claire Danes. I like the story, the whole inevitability of it all - nice]

10. X-Men Origins: Wolverine [The girlfriend wanted to see it, so I figured why not? At least I'll be able to see if I still hold my same opinion; and yep, I pretty much do. This was a missed opportunity, made for simple business]

Here's to a bucket of health!

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