24 April 2010

EDITORIAL - Hollywood Video/Movie Gallery Haul

Movie Gallery's and Hollywood Video's are closing up shop all around me, it seems. The Movie Gallery right next to my college just sold its last DVD a month ago, and now the Hollywood Video right across from Har Mar Mall in Roseville has only four weeks left. Suffice it to say, I've been picking up DVDs left and right. It's absolutely fantastic to be able to pick up some OOP (Out-of-Print) flicks for a affordable price, as well as picking up titles you weren't exactly willing to splurge on, but for $3.99, one kinda can't say no to it.

[Well, in one particular case: when I definitely, 100% want 2-Disc editions of some titles, like Green Lantern: First Flight and Hulk vs., which they had, but I decided against picking them up in favor for 2-Discers or a Blu-Ray purchase later on; cheap price, be damned]

Anyway, I'm sure this harrowing commentary is undoubtedly enticing, but you probably want to get to the haul. Sadly, with my major small paychecks as of late, I wasn't able to go all out. Perhaps as Hollywood Video begins their major, major price reductions, I'll do any post with new acquisitions. So, without further ado, here's the list:

Pyrokenesis -- Directed by Shusuke Kaneko (Death Note, Gamera 3: Revenge of Irys), Pyrokenesis (aka Crossfire) has been in my possession for years VHS-wise. Crummy video quality, even worse audio distortions, and rather unreadable subtitles made this OOP DVD a immediate pick-up. Haven't thrown it in yet, but having been released by the always-accommodating Tokyo Shock/Media Blasters, I have faith this will be quite a nice presentation.

Clerks: The Animated Series -- Have yet to hear a bad thing about it, but finally by picking this up I now have all Kevin Smith DVDs available. At least, as far as I know. Gotta admit, kinda excited to watch it. If the episodes suck, there is, at least, audio commentaries for all of 'em, and Smith is always the best voice around for those bonuses.

Loch Ness Terror -- This is a pure guilty pleasure. One of the first Netflix titles I ever Netflixed, not only does it hold a special place in my heart in that regard, but also 'cuz I love films about the Loch Ness monster. This little beastie flick boasts some pretty decent SPFX, and just the right amount of bad acting. The real beauty of it is that it embraces its own campiness, and ends up with a highly entertaining movie that's a lot of fun.

Fay Grim -- Parker Posey is hot. This looked good. $1.00 purchase. Why not?

The Brother's Bloom -- Rachel Weiz is hot. This looked alright. $1.00 purchase. Why not? Could always sell it at my store and get a couple bucks off it.

24: Redemption -- A very nice precursor to Day 7, Redemption sees Jack Bauer (Sutherland) in Africa where he kicks some bad guy ass after they threaten a day care village thingy. Er, it's been awhile since I saw it, so the details are sketchy. Point is: 2 hour movie (in real time) with Jack beating up bad guys. And for $3.99 instead of the grossly outrageous $34.99 price tag Best Buy's offering for the same product, it was a must-buy.

Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance -- Not my favorite of the Vengeance Trilogy, I nonetheless thought the last 50 minutes was worth the $2.98 spent.

Mercury Man -- Don't have a single clue as to what this little gem is, but the cover had been keeping my gaze at work whenever I walk around the Action/Adventure section, so for a buck, what's the worse that could happen? I become oh-so-much-dumber, that's a possibility; but it could also be a little known flick that definitely should get some recognition. Now I just need the drive to put it on.

Lost: Season 3, Discs 1-7 -- A entire season for less than $10 (it was the final weekend at Movie Gallery; 10 for $10 was the sale), I had watched the entire first season with much interest, so why not? I could always sell back at Half Price Books - they take nearly anything.

Lost: Season 2, Discs 1 & 2 --Like I said above, watched the first season, became quite invested, and decided to pick up these two (basically the only discs there). And the other episodes I could just watch on Netflix Watch It Now! So all is right in the world.

Bang Bang, You're Dead -- Based on Nick's recommendation, watched it, loved it, owned it. All for a dollar. And the beautiful thing is I paid that much for a OOP title. Yay was me.

Sleepaway Camp -- $1.00 horror. There's gotta be something to like about it, right? I mean, it DID spawn three sequels!

Children of Dune -- Much loved the original Dune mini-series, hopefully Children will be just as good if not better.

KVC: Komodo vs. Cobra -- I swear I don't expect anything from it. Just thought it might be fun.

Night Watch -- This was a cool movie.

Sukiyaki Western Django -- This was a weird movie.

The Forsaken -- Good memories, horrible flick upon revising it. Almost begs inspiring writers/directors to crap out a better movie.

Primeval -- Awesome Creature Feature with Dominic Purcell!!!

Although the prospect of picking up all these flicks for cheap, cheap prices, it's nonetheless rather sad to think that these rather major parts of my childhood are closing shop, probably to be replaced by some bloody coffee or jewelry store. The Movie Gallery was the place I'd always roam around when mom took two freakin' hours at the grocery store, and the Roseville Hollywood Video was constantly the to-go store when I lived in that area a few years back.

The other big sad aspect of this whole thing is that I don't particularly like Blockbuster, and after these guys go, they're gonna be the only people left (well, for now). It's not just their company that I heavily dislike, it's their casing for the DVDs; they just feel and look wrong. Movie Gallery's and Hollywood Video's maintained the typical keepcase without their own little signature zing-za to it.

Anyway, check out your nearest video rental store - you just might get lucky!