24 May 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 25

Title: The One

Notes: I LOVE this movie! I know, I know, not one of Li's best, according to many, but c'mon! Jet Li vs. Jet Li, a Multiverse, and some awesome fight scenes! And one of my earliest experiences with Jason Statham, before he became a household name synonymous with 'ass-kicking British guy'. So here we have YuLaw, a psychotic kung fu man (Jet Li) who has killed 100+ other versions of himself in different universes, and he only has one left: the good-hearted Gabe in our reality, who also happens to know kung fu (or has inherited/absorbed them from the 100+ previous hims). If YuLaw kills Gabe, who knows what will happen: will YuLaw become God? Will the universes bleed and destroy one another? There's some tight story ideas in THE ONE, and although they do get thrown to the back-burner in favor of Jet Li fighting himself, it does make the film feel like some stellar science fiction flick. Multiple universes and martial arts - a match made in heaven. There's some great dialogue bits, fun relationships, and some stellar action scenes (such as the climatic YuLaw vs. Gabe fight which is one of my top 10 fight scenes evah). If you haven't already, see THE ONE. It kicks the ass of every other American Li film.

Discuss: How does THE ONE rank in the line of American Jet Li movies? Favorite scenes? Logical fallacies? Dig the damn fine entertainment or roll-your-eyes-in-disgust when thinking about the film?

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