04 July 2011

MMAM - Vol. 41

Happy 4th of July, people! What better way is there to celebrate then by featuring a stellar track from a giant robot fightdown in Chicago film? Composed by Steve Jablonsky, "I'm Just the Messenger" is right thick in the climax of Michael Bay's $400+ million grossing extravaganza TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON [review coming soon!] Sure, it may not be the most appropriate track for a day such as this, but c'mon, this is gorgeous stuff, and you can throw this on whilst watching some fireworks.

Plus, it gives me an opportunity to say that Jablonsky has delivered one hell of a marvelous score. He does service to the first two films, and succeeds in making DOTM feel unique and stand out. A great piece of work for a pretty awesome film. Diss the hell out of the TRANSFORMERS trilogy if you absolutely must, but for the love of God, listen to this material, and tell me Steve Jablonsky isn't one of the best parts of the series!

Er, back on topic. Happy 4th of July, ladies and gents!

At work today we watched some LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD [way too over exposed with INDEPENDENCE DAY, so we skipped that], so I bequeth today: Happy "Yippie Ki-Yay" Day!

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