23 January 2012

MMAM - Vol. 52

SHERLOCK HOLMES: A GAME OF SHADOWS may not have been everything it ought to be, but Hans Zimmer delivered a damn good score worthy of recognition. He takes the themes established from the '09 original and expounds on them, creating some truly eerie cues that very nicely underline Moriarty's involvement in this "game." But lo and behold, the one musical cue in the movie that made me want to get up and dance was not from Zimmer himself, but instead was a rendition of "Congress Reel." Played during Watson's tag party as Sherlock runs after the Mongolian who evily wants to kill my Future Wife #6 Noomi Rapace, this is some damn fine music.

So I wholeheartedly encourage a listen y'all. Before you know it, you'll have this blasting for a straight hour on repeat as you clean the house or what have you.

To quote a friend's way-too-often-used phrase, "Nice."


Castor said...

Not as memorable as the soundtrack for the first one, and actually quite derivative of it but Hans Zimmer still got it :D

Time Lord said...

So very true. It's not Zimmer at his best, and the soundtrack isn't nearly as catchy as the first, but then this song came along, and damn, I was in love.

I'm a LITTLE afraid what a JNH-less Batman score will sound like this year. Dun, dun, dun!

Anonymous said...

It's definitely an interesting take on Holmes. I do think something is missing in these films, something not quite compensated for with all the action, excellent as it is.