22 February 2015

The Rambling Geeks Podcast - Episode 8: KorraCast, Part 1!

 Time to celebrate 10 years of AVATAR!

Team Avatar is reunited! Meaning, rather, that Andy, Tom and Dave are back once again, ready to nerd it out on the sorta-kinda Nickelodeon hit TV show THE LEGEND OF KORRA! Listen as Andy trips over his words in unbridled excitement and enthusiasm at the chance to talk KORRA! Listen to Dave as he robotically analyzes the shit out of the series, and offers some genuine bits of kudos! Listen to Tom get deep about technicalities and gush over Varek and Zhu Li! The gang discuss in-depth Books 1 and 2 of KORRA, "Air" and "Spirits." Check back next week for Part 2, as we close out Team Avatar and say a very sad goodbye to LEGEND OF KORRA.

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