11 December 2016

2016 in Images

2016 in Images

It's been an interesting year. I've had the privilege to travel to two magnificent cities, spend time with wonderfully insane friends, and walk or bike around nature or (the always photogenic) Minneapolis. There's certainly been some downs, and there's been quite a memorable number of ups. Instead of doing a write-up of 2016, I thought it'd be fun instead to do a post of pictures I took throughout the year. Now by no means am I a professional photographer (although I would kill to have one of those spiffy uber-expensive cameras), but I feel the shots I selected are of a decent caliber, and what's more, each represent a good or memorable part of the year. Without further ado, 2016 . . . in images!

01.15.2016. Minneapolis morning.

February 2016. Lake Calhoun in Uptown, Minneapolis. With some assistance from Instagram filters, this sunset was a beauty to behold. Calhoun is one of my favorite spots in the city, and whenever in need of a relaxing time, I'll make the trek over there to enjoy the sights. One of the perks of Minnesota.

In May, I was fortunate enough to take myself out to New York City for my birthday. From May 19th-24th, I walked around the city solo - Central Park, Brooklyn, the One World Trade Center, Times Square, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, etc. It was a blast, and something I won't soon forget.

05.20.2016. Brooklyn, New York. If there's ever a time I seemingly vanish off the face of the earth and cannot be located, this spot -- right here -- is where I'll likely be. Absolutely beautiful.
05.23.16. Brooklyn Bridge, New York. One of my main Must Do's in New York was to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. As an avid movie watcher, the Brooklyn Bridge has been featured in many films, and to have the opportunity to walk across it - fantastic. Not to mention necessary - I had a shindig I needed to go to in Brooklyn. Best of all, got to reunite with my friend from Mankato, miss Morgan Weinand, who graciously took time from her day and visited me in the city. Great company from a great person.

05.22.2016. Celebrated the final hour of my birthday on top of the Empire State Building. Even with easily a hundred people around me, taking selfies, kissing, or gawking, it felt peaceful and amazing. Perfect end to my night.

And in July, my mate Tom and I attended the annual G-FEST convention in Chicago, Illinois. Another lovely city, and one I might have a future in before I settle in either New York or California. It was hot as Tartarus, but that doesn't do anything to quench its inherent beauty.

07.14.2016. Chicago, Illinois. Great to be back!

07.17.2016. I mean, I was there for a Godzilla convention. This seemed like the obvious thing to do . . .
07.14.2016. Millennium Park. I love panoramas, and this specific part of the city (along with the luscious beauty of the Navy Pier) seems like prime real estate for such a shot.

09.22.2016. Foshay Tower Observation Deck. A particularly favorite photo of mine.  Just turned out damn fine.

September 2016. Minnesota Zoo, Apple Valley, MN. I love dinosaurs. I love animatronic dinosaurs. This was a good day.
Date Unknown. And there we have it. Thought it'd be appropriate to end the year on a high note. Look at this beauty. Minneapolis might not be New York, but it's a decent substitute.

 Adios 2016! It's been one hell of a year . . . .


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