03 May 2009

GEEK Bits w/Commentary 001

Hey all! Welcome to a new feature here at Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek. Obviously, there's a gazillion of web browsers that are brilliant at getting news pretty much right away (Ain't-It-Cool, E! News, etc., etc.), but I thought I'd just include this anyhow to cover news that relates to the stuff I dig.

GEEK Bits w/Commentary 001

- Despite a full-length workprint of the title leaked a full-month before its theatrical release, X-Men Origins: Wolverine grossed a whopping $87 million debut over the May 1st weekend. Although impressive, it's still behind Brett Ratner's X-Men: The Last Stand (2006) which opened with $102.8 million, although it did better than Singer's opening numbers. Now, does this mean that the ploy Fox executed by saying that there were 10 minutes of missing footage and refined special effects not seen on the downloaded copy (which is false) really did work? I don't really think so, and even if it did, I think we should all be a little ticked off at Fox for, well, fakking it.

- Not only has the official movie trailer for Rob Zombie's H2: Halloween 2
premiered on the web (last Friday), but Zombie updated his official blog with a new pic of a hooded gangsta Michael with a messed up mask. And I gotta say, I dunno how I feel about it: overall, I'm more than OK with Zombie's 2007 Halloween re-imagining, but if there's one thing that's sacred, it's that damn mask; mess up the mask and make his actual face more visible, and you ruin 5-% of what makes Halloween such a frakkin' masterpiece. The only other bit that I'm iffy about is his mom telling him what to do and forming his decisions - it's a little too Friday the 13th-ish for my taste; not like I have a problem with that series, I just don't want it here.

- Warner Brothers is actively seeking to adapt the first three installments of the 13-part manga series Death Note to American theaters (
Variety). Charley & Vlas Parlapandies (War of the Gods) have been sanctioned the task of writing the screenplay, based on the original manga by Tsugumi Ohba. Personally, I think this is going to blow. I hold the Japanese live-action adaptations to such a high esteem that anything Warner Brothers chums out will be a load of baloney. If this project actually sees the light of day, I implore all viewers to watch the original Japanese films by Shusuke Kaneko (Crossfire).

- TVShowsOnDVD.com has cover art for Smallville - The Complete Eighth Season, Blu-Ray and standard DVD, as well as Supernatural - The Complete Fourth Season, and are expected to hit retail shelves around mid-September. Once more info surrounding the special features are revealed, I'll update. Concerning Smallville, I'm sure there's plenty of people rolling their eyes thinking, "Holy frakkin' crap, how the hell did that show manage eight seasons? How is it not done with?" And surprisingly enough, Smallville's finally getting good again. It's like their hitting a creative reprisal after a disappointing six and seven. And as for Supernatural - well, its fourth season is perhaps one of the best things television has ever brought us, and I'm not sure that's an exaggeration. Give 'em a look when they're released.

- The future for NBC's Chuck is looking grim. Its April 27th season (series?) finale drew in 6.1 million viewers (TV Squad), of which it typically draws in 6.5 million. For a brilliant series, it sucks that it's life is on the line. It seems shows that have some intelligence to them are usually the ones to hit the axe - Reaper (most likely), Veronica Mars, Firefly, etc., etc. I just don't understand how this program is on the 50/50 scale while Heroes, a convoluted mess that barely had more season finale viewers than Chuck has already been renewed for a 18-episode fourth season. If this is indeed Chuck's final season, than the best I can say is that it ended on a creatively high note, and that I'm thankful NBC gave fans a full 22-episode second season order. But pllleeeaassse renew?


- 1991's Drop Dead Fred is being resurrected by Dennis McNicholas (Land of the Lost), and to be produced by his studio Marc Platt Productions along with Working Title. Dark Horizons reports that McNicholas seeks to make the tone similar to Beetlejuice.

- 1983's Videodrome is next in the remake list for Universal, according to
Variety. The "re-imagining" is to be written by Ehren Kruger (Scream 3, The Ring Two) and produced by Daniel Bobker. It is their intention to "modernize the concept" for todays audiences.

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