23 May 2009

Scenes I Like a Lot - Halloween

The Movie
Halloween (1978)

What's Up
Some guy in a William Shatner-y mask wants poor Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) dead, and after dispatching of her closest friends, he sets his sights on her, and he'll stop at nothing to finish her off.

Why I Dig It
This very simple moment in the movie - small potatoes I guess you can say in comparison to the rest of it - is perhaps one of the most frightening, spine-tingling, nerve-wracking, and genuinely freaky minute of suspense I've ever seen. As a leg-wounded Laurie runs across the street to her house, director John Carpenter's creepy and pulse-quickening, heart-poundingly intense music escalates, the viewer is worried about our protagonists safety. Will The Shape get to her? To quote that annoying dude in Scary Movie: "Run, bitch, RUN!!!!" It's moments like this that cements Halloween as a freakin' classic - Carpenter made the simple act of walking/running for your life as your serial killer calmly and methodically walks like there's all the time in the world into a intense act of cat and mouse that grabs the viewer's attention and no matter any outside distractions, your eyes are glued to the screen. Plus, the usage of a seadicam helps, too. Michael Myers HAS come home, and there's no stopping him.

So, basically, RUN LAURIE!!!

And Tommy, get the freakin' door!

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