22 August 2010

EDITORIAL - New Life, New Schedule!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, and the few three of y'all that read this super duper blog. It is I, Andy of Galifrey, one of yee remaining Time Lords - alright, Andy from Minnesota, but Galifrey is so much cooler, and trust me on that, 'cuz I've been there - and I am here to inform you of two things:

1) I am very much with the sorry about the super lack of posting that's been going on. I swear that I've started about 12 different posts, wrote a good couple of paragraphs (more than two, less than six), but could never muster the enthusiasm or creative vigor to continue. Another big thing in my life that sorta helped with the complication of that: I am now a student at the University of Minnesota Mankato! (*cue applause*) . What does that mean? Well, for one, I have high-speed internet which enables me to surf the net faster and look at videos; dial up, no more laddies! Plus it also means a lot more school work, but the main jist is this: the last two and a half weeks have been a hectic time of dealing with the Office of Admissions, Financial Aid, and (of course) housing. But now that all that jazz has been situated, this leads me to announce...

2) I am back and committed and initiating a schedule to prompt me to continue writing! (*cue more applause*) Thing is, though, I'm not too creative with the whole creating games or interactive community feature thingies, so the extent of this schedule will be reviews, editorials, and music tracks. At the very least, I challenge myself, and it produces more content, which is always a nice plus. Well, without further ado, I present to thou the weekly schedule here at Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek:

Monday - Much Music Awesomeness Mondays - a feature I introduced awhile ago, basically to show off the beauty of The Last Airbender and Inception score. I like it, I'm gonna keep it up.

Tuesday - Editorial - I write up a post about something on my mind - well, obviously with the being with the movie relatedness. Should be interesting.

Wednesday - Review Day - Either a TV show or a movie, I write a review, and post said review, to coincide with it being review day, thus having a review.

Thursday - The TV Obsessed - Basically write-ups/reviews of television programs I watch on a weekly basis. Here's the list of shows I'll most likely be watching and writing about: Rescue Me, Smallville, Supernatural, Chuck, Warehouse 13, Stargate Universe, and Fringe. Doctor Who and V will be discussed again when they re-air.

Friday - Movie Review/List Day - One way or another, Friday will feature either a new nifty list of some sort, or a movie review (most likely from a new release, depending on my level of interest). I know, the anticipation is killin' yah.

So that's it in a nutshell, the schedule that I will do my damnest to maintain for the foreseeable future. Thanks for stopping by, and please do so again in the really foresseably soon future. May the Force Be With You, Always.


Rachel said...

I like blogs with daily scheduled features, obviously. I also find it helps me stay on track in my writing. Good luck with school and the new feature schedule!

Andy the Time Lord said...

Thanks, Rachel! One week in, and school is already kicking my arse - though it's mostly the Oceanography class and the teacher's old-timed monotone voice that's the depressing part.

I found a new knack - write out a bunch of this stuff ahead of schedule, and have it scheduled to publish at some point on the day. It's neato.

BTW, I'm not exactly computer savvy, so how are you able to make captions under those screen shots for the Wednesday TV Wrap-Up? I must know!!!

Rachel said...

When you upload a picture to the post in "compose" mode, there should be a little box of options that appear underneath the picture that allow you to move the picture left/right/center or make it small/medium/large/x-large. There is also an option to add caption, so just click on that and it lets you start writing automatically under the picture.