30 August 2010

MMAM - Vol. 6

Today's selection comes from Bear McCreary, who has already been featured before in this columns short run (for TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES), which I hope by that you get that Mr. McCreary is a very gifted artist and his music comes highly recommend. Alright, now that I got that love-bashing out of the way, I present to thee "Apocalypse", from the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA direct-to-DVD film THE PLAN, which was released to DVD & Blu-Ray of October last year. Although the movie itself does leave something to be desired, McCreary's work most certainly does not.

"Apocalypse" is just but one of many tracks I could use to exemplify the grand and majestic music from the GALACTICA series [in fact, I had planned on using his "All Along the Watchtower" for today, but I guess I'll postpone that]. Quite honestly, you could literally take away all the visuals, all the writing, all the human drama of the series, and just leave the music - and you'd still have a winner on your hands, a television show so powerful, even the score gives you the impact of its content [same could be said for Michael Giacchino and LOST]. In a nutshell, don't be surprised if by Vol. 122 of this feature, five or ten more GALACTICA tracks would be used. But for now, enjoy!

Oh, and one final note - background information: this track plays during the destruction of the 12 Colonies on Caprica, inter-cut with shots of our lead actors of the series and what's going on with them as this apocalyptic blowy-uppiness is reigned down upon their lives.

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