13 February 2012

MMAM - Vol. 53

There's no way around this.

Underneath this manly exterior of a manly man, there is a itcy bitcy bit of a softie. I know, this is beyond belief! Bewildering, one could say. Impossible! I cannot be infected with mushy feelings! But hark, 'tis is true.

So in commemoration of this 'holiday' thing that is tomorrow, I present Craig Armstrong's main love theme from Love Actually, the one movie in the whole universe someone can throw on at any minute, and hell, I'll start getting so damn emotionally invested I wouldn't be surprised I'd start tearing up. [I mean, I don't do that...]

In all seriousness, Love Actually is one of my favorite movies ever made in all of time and space. And yes, I've visited the future, I know this. And Armstrong's score, villainously only available in a hard-to-find promo disc, is a bit contributing factor in why it's so damn good. Give it a listen, honest, it's brilliant music.

As for me, my Valentine's Day will probably be spent in front of the computer, avoiding homework, watching Greek or Terriers, and eating a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. Love can't be better displayed than that, I daresay. How bout y'all: what's your V-Day plans?

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