25 June 2012

MMAM - Vol. 57

Over the weekend, I participated in my first podcast (major w00t!), and the subject was the actor Michael Fassbender. Thus, I took a long, thorough look at his filmography, and revisited Steve McQueen's 2011 drama Shame, which has received wide attention for all the wrong reasons. The film is a gripping tale, thanks in large part to Fassbender and his enigmatic eyes, but also because of the riveting score by Harry Escott. Despite the phenomenal performances that the film can boast until the end of days, Shame would, I feel, hardly be as effective were it not for this score.

For Much Music Awesomeness Monday, I present the opening track, "Brandon". Listening to it solo, it's just as haunting (yet serene) as it is in the movie, but despite how bloody brilliant the cue is on its own, the visual facework of Fassbender and the Girl in the Train must be seen and experienced. So listen to this brilliant track, and then - if you haven't already - locate a copy of Shame and watch it immediately.

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