08 March 2009

Scenes I Like A Lot - The Boondock Saints

The Movie:
The Boondock Saints (1999)

What's Up:
It's the film's closing minutes, and the McManus brothers with their recently reunited father storm into the court house where mob boss Yakavetta 'stands trial.' It's a sure thing this dude was gonna walk free, but the Saints will have none of that. Busting into his courtroom, they bring Yakavetta to his knees, guns poised, the brothers recite their creed for all to hear, and for all to tell - easy rules to follow, no matter ones religion or beliefs: do not steal, do not rape, do not kill. And if you ignore them, you will pay "the dearest cost."

Why I Dig It:
Aside from being a brilliant closing sequence, it's just damn powerful and, simply, awesome. The acting is fierce and intense, and when combined with its frightening message and screenplay, it successfully sends shivers up ones spine. Well, at least it does for mine. The freaky, operatic and sorta gothic music helps the shiver-inducingness. This sequence is probably director/writer Troy Duffy's favorite to create, as he most likely poured his own thoughts more prominently in this scene than any other, literally echoing his own voice and wishes. And then the execution of Yakavetta (offscreen) as the culmination of their introduction to society is the perfect frosting over the pie. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, and immensley powerful. If at any point I was in doubt that I'd buy the DVD, this sequence solidifies its inclusion in my collection so I could watch it over and over again.

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thebonebreaker said...

Great idea Andrew and a great 1st choice!