23 March 2009

Post-Kyle XY series finale thoughts

Kyle XY finished up its three-season long run on March 16, 2009 on ABC Family [to make room for more wonderful shows like Lincoln Heights, Greek, and The Secret Life of the American Teenager - how glad I am a good show like this got bumped for this fantastic programs; not like I'm bitter or anything] with "Bringing Down the House", a episode that felt more like a precursor to the actual event than, say, the actual event. Still, it was a good episode, with some fantastic moments and a ridiculous so-called "cliffhanger" that actually isn't all that interesting nor would it excite the casual viewer to tune in next season for more.

Initially, I was planning this whole brilliant scheme of me watching said season three episodes and then writing analytical reviews similar to TV Squad. Frak, I even made a nifty episode guide that I ended up never updating. My damn procrastinating lazyness kicked in, and I never did it. I started a post several times, but never got around to actually finishing it. School work and all. Thus, I'm going to use this post as a sort of compilation of thoughts from all 10 episodes, and when the eventual DVD release comes out, I'll give a more thorough, thoughtful review [that I know you're all anxious for, right?].

I confess if someone wanted to start getting into the series, this season probably wouldn't be the best starting point. So if anyone reading that did exactly that, I strongly recommend renting out the first season at least; it has some strong storytelling and plenty of "wowage" twists and turns. Like I said in my review of season two, I was hooked.

Season Three Thoughts:

- The season jump-started brilliantly with "It Happened One Night" (301), a direct continuation of "I've Had the Time of My Life" (223), where Kyle is on the hunt for Amanda, who has been kidnapped by a unseen foe. His search brings him to Latnok, and with the help of Jessi, who has been "left behind" by her 'mother' Sarah, he breaks in and gets Amanda out. It's here that we first meet Cassidy (Hal Ozsan, The Fallen) and find out Mark (Jonathan Zucker, Sex Drive) work for Latnok. Oh, and Josh and Andy's relationship heats up to popcorn-level hotness. Overall, it was a brilliant, brilliant episode.

- Sadly, the following three weren't so much; and it's here that I think watching the show on DVD helps so much. See, on DVD, where you can watch them in consecutive order without hiatus, the episodes seem so much better and less infuriating, because you're a little bit more relaxed on wanting some Kyle action. On TV, the episode ends and you're thinking, another episode down without any answers or plot development. Yippie. Episodes 302-304 deal primarily with the Kyle, Amanda, and Jessi conflict. It's also in 303 where shit hits the fan when Kyle and Jessi kiss [but to save Amanda - which would be a funny explanation moment of this was a sitcom].

- I want to address the Andy and Josh relationship here, and I probably will again. I can honestly say I haven't seen a more adult relationship amongst two teens on television. This isn't a Ryan/Marrisa or Blair/Chuck shipper type thing, this is a completely mature relationship where the two communicate and approach things from a very adult level. They're not joshin' our chain, here. It's amazing to see these two lovers and how their relationship develops. One of the major crimes season three committed is a huge lack of Andy/Josh screentime. Not only does Jean-Luc give us his all as a actor during their scenes together, but they are nearly always the most interesting and enjoyable aspect of a episode. I genuinely look forward to their scenes, and I definitely wouldn't mind if there was a spin-off series based solely on these characters. They're that damn awesome.

-"Life Support" (305) was a great episode, if only because of the actress who played Gretchen. I love that girl, she was frakking hilarious. And (spoiler) they missed a golden opportunity to kill of Nicole. Granted, I know there needed to be a reason to get Kyle into Latnok, but really, this would have been a great exit for the character and emotionally maneuver Kyle in a different direction - or perhaps grow him up a little. But back to the main point - Gretchen was great! I actually thought she would be fantastic for a Joss Whedon show - she has that same eccentric but lovable quality of Emma Caulfield and Alyson Hannigan. And yes, that's a compliment.

- The following episode, "Chemistry 101", was lame. Total waste of a episode. Again, I think this would be far better received on DVD. At least it set-up things that get a payoff later.

- So, did Latnok kill Baylin, too? If that's the case, were they trying to isolate Kyle from everyone who could protect him so they can get to him and manipulate him for their needs?

- And by the way, I'm okay with Kyle and Jessi hooking up in a romantic sense, but I also wouldn't mind seeing Kyle and Amanda finally have a somewhat adult relationship, not something out of a half-way decent 7th Heaven episode with "I trust you" and "I believe you"'s all over the place.

- Finally, its the last three episodes and we're getting somewhere! Sure, things are still moving slow, but we're getting progress, and that's what counts! Alright, Jessi's now beginning to realize via her uber-cool superhuman powers that Sarah is, in fact, not amongst the living. The scene that this happens, though, is bloody heartbreaking. Phenomenal performance from Ms. Jaimie Alexander.

- "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (309) that had a twist at the end I totally didn't see coming until 10 seconds before it was revealed. Bravo, writers, bravo! Plus, this episode was pretty dark, and I love dark. Jessi was getting a little Anakin-y with her powers. Sweeeettt.

- Oh, and Stephen Traiger is a awesome dad. Watch the episode, you'll understand.

- The series finale, "Bringing Down the House" (310) was a pretty good capper - until the last 15 seconds, which concluded with a lame so-called "cliffhanger." Anyhow, there was Kyle using his powers some more, including that one shot of Kyle jumping 20 or so feet to hold onto a railing which was in the season three promos from December...so long ago...but it was awesome. My only grievance with that is - when did he learn to do that? The only times I recall him jumping and flying is when he's sprayed some water on the ground below him so he can manipulate it. Oh well, I'm not going to over-analyze the situation. It was cool. At this point, that's what matters.

- "Nicole was right about not knowing the person I'm becoming. The person I was...would never have done THIS." Then BAM! Cassidy goes flying! Now THAT is what I'm talking about, Kyle! That was a total PWNAGE moment [yes, I went there - I wrote Pwnage...hopefully correctly]. And plus, when you want to think about it thoroughly, it's a totaly correct evolution of the character: his adoptive parents are in danger by this man, and his instinct is to protect them, no matter the cost. It's well within his character, and I dug the hell out of it. Easily awarded Best Kyle Moment Ever.

The day after the finale, executive producer Julie Plec gave ABC Family some really vague answeres to some decent questions. Honestly, they weren't satisfactory responses, but hopefully this show is continued via comic series as so many seem to be these days (Pushing Daises, Buffy, Angel, Battlestar Galactica) or official novels.

I'm sad to see the show go. Perhaps in its fourth season, I'd be a little bit more OK with it [I dunno why, but fourth seasons seem to me a good point to conclude things], but not much I can do about that. For what we have, Kyle XY had its ups and downs like any show, but its intrigue and wonderful cast kept you coming back each week for more. I hope for the best for all the cast members (Magda Apanowicz, who plays Andy, already scored a job in Caprcia), as well as the writers. Thank you for giving us 43 episodes of Kyle XY, and good luck on your future endeavors!


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