09 October 2011

Geek Newsroom: Green Lantern, The Thing, Drive, The SImpsons

News Feed

  • If you missed the six-episode premiere season of AMC's The Walking Dead, every episode is now on Netflix Streaming just in time for its second season premiere a week from today.
  • The first casualties of Fall 2011 TV programming are: The Playboy Club and Free Agents. The first winners of Fall 2011 TV programming are: The New Girl, Up All Night, 2 Broke Girls, and Whitney.
  • Also winning: The Simpsons. After difficult conversations involving price cuts for the principal voice cast, the series was given a two season commitment by FOX - complete with those budget decreases. (TVLine.com)
  • Other good news: the possible resurrection of Arrested Development in the form of a 10-episode season, each episode concentrating on one member of the Bluth family, and a movie, which the series would lead into. Yay?
  • Tucker and Dale vs. Evil director Eli Craig wants a sequel with the titular heroes hitting up Yale (Slashfilm)
  • Woman sues the makers of Drive for not being Fast & Furious. Yeah, she's nuts. (BeyondHollywood)
  • Orlano Bloom wants back in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise...probably because he hasn't made a worthwhile film since At World's End? Actually, what has he been in? (CBM.com)

DVD/Blu-Ray Releases

Rosario Dawson. The singular, only, #1 reason why I have any interest int his garbage. Unless your wife and children are forcing you to watch this under threat of something really, really bad, don't bother.

Horrible Bosses
Had the pleasure of checking out this super funny comedy two weeks ago, and it's definitely worth price of purchase. And in this Blu-Ray/DVD combo? What's not to love? It's a funny movie, Jennifer Aniston looks hot for the first time since ever, and Kevin Spacey kicks ass.

Green Lantern
So, this ain't a first-day buy for me. I'll get it...eventually. I didn't hate the movie and I didn't love it. There's a lot of middle area where the film could use humungous amounts of improvement. And from the sound of a few reviews, the picture quality of this release is rather lacking, so there's another deterring factor. Basically, if you loved Green Lantern this summer, of course pick it up. If this is a blind buy, don't. Rent first, suss out of you like it. Though, I am interested in this 'Extended Cut', see if it adds anything new... Oh! And Best Buy will have an exclusive Blu-Ray Steelbook, if anyone's interested in that. I would be. [Review]

The Tree of Life
It's been two weeks since I saw this and I still have no flippin idea what to say about it. One interesting thing worth mentioning is that Tree of Life is only being released in this DVD/Blu-Ray combo pack, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I'd say a step in the right direction. Besides, this flick is made for Blu-Ray - I'm sure the creation of the universe shots would look gorgeous in HD. Won't be picking this up. Don't really mind if I ever see this flick again, frankly.

New Releases

The Thing
Ramona Flowers vs. an alien identity face changer thingy? I'm all in. But before I see this prequel/remake, I have a inkling I should check out John Carpenter's The Thing. I haven't heard anything negative about that 1980s flick, so I expect good things. And I don't intend to do any 'what's better?' when I see this 2011 update, just to see the similarities and differences. Anyone else wanna see this?

Looks bad. Is it bad that I'm excited about that? Is it also bad that I sorta think the flick would be a tad more tolerable if Zac Efron was still the lead? (I promise you, this ain't no Efron crush or anything, just think the boy has some genuine talent...sometimse)

The Big Year
Normally, I see Steve Martin's name and the ticket sold itself. Unfortunately, I can't really see the appeal of The Big Year. It's almost Bucket List-y, but less interesting. Might be more funny. So this is a theatrical skip for me, sadly. Might rent it someday, though. Sorry, Steve.

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