04 October 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 35

: Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives

Notes: From this point on, the FRIDAY THE 13TH series became zanier and more cartoonish instead of sticking to its horror roots. And not too surprisingly, it's from this point on that I really began to dig the series. The first three films were barely tolerable, and films four and five were just long and super boring. JASON LIVES is the first time I really fell for a Jason film, and the next two after this are just icing on the cake with their absolute craziness and (possibly misplaced) humor. But this is where the FRIDAY movies are fun, enjoyable. Plus, JASON LIVES has one of the coolest endings - if not the coolest - of the entire series. No longer content to be tormented by Jason, Tommy hatches a plan to keep Jason submerged in the lake forever. Well, until the next sequel. The climax is epic, unlike anything that came before it, and for the first time (ironic considering this is one of the less serious of the FRIDAY flicks) Jason really felt like a pretty big threat.

How about you guys? Fancy any of the FRIDAY flicks? What other films should I cover for the month of October? General Jason thoughts?

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