03 October 2011

MMAM - Vol. 47

To celebrate the Series 6 finale of DOCTOR WHO that aired Saturday (expect a really, really long review later this week), I have some of Murray Gold's music for you today.

If you're looking at this and then deciding not to bother with the tracks, that is the wrong choice. Give 'em a try. This series boasts the best music on television since Bear McCreary's BATTLESTAR GALACTICA work ended and Michael Giacchino signed off on lost. Murray Gold is awesome. Take a listen to the tracks, please:

"The Life and Death of Amy Pond"

"I Am The Doctor"

"Vale Dacem"

"All the Strange, Strange Creatures"


If I knew how to make banners, I would totally do a spiffy one with a TARDIS on the side saying DOCTOR WHO WEEK. Why oh why do I know nothing of Photoshop?

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