12 March 2012

MMAM - Vol. 55

I had the pleasure of watching TAKE SHELTER the other week, and it was nothing short of amazing. One quick zoom around the internet and that seems to be the general consensus, so it must be true, right?

Once again, Jessica Chastain owned the screen. What a wonderful actress. And furthermore, her character was phenomenal in TAKE SHELTER. She didn't end up going the route I expected, the tired and cliched route a less intelligent screenwriter would take, but instead was strong and left one hell of an impression.

But what left an impression more than anything else were those final two minutes, encompassed here on the final track of the soundtrack for the film, titled "At the Beach." When the credits hit, I rewound the movie back those two/three minutes, and watched it again. Repeat. This happened about five times. Something about the performances from Chastain and Shannon just sell it, and when you add the music - sonuvabitch, the hairs on my arm stick straight up, I am electrified and scared shitless. The gravitas of the scene is felt in full force. It is breathtaking and amazing and wonderful in feeling the entire movie is justified.

Forget what I'm saying. Go rent TAKE SHELTER. Pronto. But wait! Listen to this first. Enjoy. :)

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