01 April 2011

Geek Bits: Doctor Who Series 6 Trailers!

I celebrate my first post of April 1st by posting two trailers for a show I hold dear: Doctor Who! With the sixth series ready for transmission on April 23rd, trailers and promos and pictures are making their way on the net, and I cannot be any more excited!

Wanna know how excited I am? A battalion of gorgeous naked ladies could not deter me! Meeting George Lucas or Vanessa Hudgens could not deter me! Slow internet connection will not deter me! No matter what, on April 23rd, it's date time: me and Doctor Who. Ladies and gents, watch this series, watch it and love it.

Without further ado, two trailers, one from BBC1 and the other from BBC America promoting Series 6 of Doctor Who:

C'mon? Isn't that awesome?!!?!?


Life has meaning again!

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