28 April 2011

The Watcher: 04/15/11 - 04/28/11

Sorry folks, but these are going to be short this week. I'm tired after writing a few bazillion papers, and I still have two more to go, but I finally had a bit of free time to catch up on some titles. Everything will be back to normal next week. So, here we go!

S04E21 - "Chuck Vs. the Wedding Planner" (18 April 2011) - It was fun to watch Chuck and Sarah get duped by the wedding planner, and it was especially fun - albeit idiotic - having the CIA go batshit crazy to apprehend the woman who they believe is one of the world's most wanted criminals, thanks to Chuck's brilliance, of course. Seeing Sarah and her father reunited and pulling off another con of theirs was particularly heartwarming, but I was sad to see that he didn't stay for the wedding, let alone dinner; although this was not unexpected. Next week look's like all this hype about Agent X will be coming to a head, and it's apparently someone we know. Score: 8.0/10

FRINGE S03E19 - "Lysergic Acid Diethylamide" (15 April 2011) - The creativity and daringness of the FRINGE team is unmatched in television right now. This episode is absolutely nutters and brilliant simultaneously. Spock didn't want a onscreen role, so his performance is regulated to voice acting, and in order to accommodate the actor's wish, the FRINGE writers/producers came up with something utterly brilliant that entirely lives up to the title of this episode: FRINGE goes the animation route. Completely, entirely unexpected. My mouth dropped. I was in awe. I couldn't believe they did that, and I was loving it. That said, from a creative standpoint, major props and bravo! But in line with the story, taking place in Olivia's mind, I gotta wonder the significance or the logic of this tactic. All this pales in comparison though, to the fact that now Olivia is mentally free, she's not afraid anymore, and she has her Peter [who gets props for 'seeing' her now, after all that stuff about the Other Olivia earlier this season]. So for character growth and a daringness unprecedented, Broyles high as a kite, and for making me laugh out loud well past the commercial break (see screencap above), FRINGE gets a Score: 9.7/10

S03E20 - "6:02 AM EST" (22 April 2011) - The Apocalypse is coming, baby. Or rather, Walternate wants Our World destroyed, and he's willing to sacrifice Peter to do so. "6:02 AM EST" did a great job establishing that these two worlds are tearing each other apart, and that some really shitty things are going to have to go down in order to re-establish balance. I really liked the Other Olivia springing into action to do what she felt is right, regardless of her son. Overall, a great set-up for a three-part season finale full of brilliance, thrills, and promises one hell of a ride for the rest of the year. Score: 8.9/10

S02E11 - "Full Commitment" (20 April 2011) - At this point, honestly don't remember much other than Art not being a fan of Raylan and Helen getting shot. "Full Commitment" is, if anything, the anchor from Act II to Act III of this season. Oh, and I remember the Raylan/Duffy scene. That was pretty nice, and I hope Duffy shows up again in the future. Also hope Gerry leaves and never comes back - although that's just pure optimism on my part. He's too stupid to not write back into the series. Score: 9.0/10

S02E12 - "Reckoning" (27 April 2011) - Raylan pissed. Can't get any better than that! I loved everything in the last act with Raylan and Dickie, but my favorite part of this episode is that Arlo badgers Raylan about how he thinks Raylan doesn't feel anything about his Aunt's death, that he just doesn't give a shit; in reality, Raylan is full of rage and ready to rid the world of Dickie - but ends up going the route of the law, that will appear to kick him in the ass in next week's season finale (sadness; another season over). As for the other elements of "Reckoning" - who is this freaky old lady that seems to posses so much power? Connected to the Bennett's? And, this is most interesting to me, twelve episodes in and I still have no idea what the hell is going on with Boyd. Halfway through the season, there was a interview with Graham Yost who said season two was really about second chances for both Raylan and Boyd. Looks like Boyd is doing everything he once did, but being a little bit more intelligent about executing his plots. Simultaneously, I'm torn - I like ambiguity in characters, and perhaps I'm frustrated with Boyd because I have been successfully invested in his story. Whatever the hell happens. JUSTIFIED has been renewed for a season three, and the finale promises to be crazy. There does still appear to be some plotlines that have been dropped and I hope pick up or continue into the following season. Score: 9.5/10

S01E18 - "Into the Dark" (14 April 2011) - Don't particularly care about Owen, or the Owen/Nikita/Michael love triangle, but ti was interesting to see everything with Amanda and Alex; that was some riveting television. And for the first time...Maggie Q looked super hot. Overall, a decent episode, but the Amanda/Alex jest was the most thrilling. Score: 8.1/10

S01E19 - "Girl's Best Friend" (21 April 2011) - I was sorta hoping the opening dream wasn't a dream, because it would be so awesome to have Alex's boytoy Nathan be working with Jaden to kill Alex. But alas, didn't happen. Good stuff between Alex and Jaden. Freaky TWILIGHT guy was a terrorist (he dies). I'm a little bothered that Michael is able to double task both operations so smoothly from within Division without making coworkers a little suspicious. Score: 9.2/10

S10E17 - "Kent" (15 April 2011) - Clark makes a change in Alternate Jonathan Kent's life. That makes him feel good. Tess looked hot. Alternate Clark wants Tess. Tess may or may not want Clark. Tess looked hot. Clark coming back from the Alternate World was far too easy. Add some drama, people. Score: 8.2/10

S10E18 - "Booster" (22 April 2011) - Frankly a little tired of beings from the future coming in and informing Clark of his destiny. Season 8 had the Legion of Superheroes come and hype Clark up it's not wonder he may have an inflated ego; earlier this season Braniac spoiled the surprises in store for Clark by bringing him three years into the future. Entities from the future really need to freakin' stop being in SMALLVILLE. The only nice change of pace with "Booster" is that it's Clark who changes Booster, showing that as long as you have a strong heart (and maybe some powers), you can be a hero, too! Sorry if it seems I'm being too hard on this ep, but I just don't see the need for it. Otherwise, Blue Beetle was awesome...despite one hell of a bad actor. And Lois was hot. Score: 8.5/10

S02E17 - "Common Descent" (18 April 2011) - Super interesting episode with a super interesting idea. It's super interesting! The Other Destiny's crewmembers travel back in time to a distant planet, live there, and future generations end up meeting our crew in the here and now. Awesome. Very clever. Now let's just see what use, other than bringing supplies onboard Destiny, this storyline gives the series with only thee episodes left. Score: 9.7/10

S02E18 - "Epilogue" (25 April 2011) - Very fun episode, and actually quite funny with the baby birthing montage. But gotta say - Eli and some random Asian chick? Barnes? What? And here I was hoping Chloe would come to her senses and marry Eli and Scott would be ripped to pieces by some CLOVERFIELD-esque monster. A man could dream. Sorta funny that the Destiny crew arrives at the planet a day before it rips itself apart. Of course. As for T.J. and her disease, on one side I like that they're adding another layer to her awesome character, but c'mon, everyone dies. She still has three or so years left. For all she knows, she'll be killed by a bullet in a week or so. She's in space, man. Weird, dangerous stuff happens all the time. A good episode, and it was great seeing footage of what happened to the Other Crew. Hope this storyline gains greater importance as we close this series. Score: 9.4/10

S06E17 - "My Heart Will Go On" (15 April 2011) - Balthazar supposedly changing fate because he hated the Celine Dion TITANIC song. Brilliant! I like the idea of the Fates still being around, and that they are pissed off royally at Sam and Dean for averting the Apocalypse as was originally scheduled. That's just fun, groovy stuff. Thank God the Winchesters have God on their side, cos they've died the last two years alone a good 50+ times, I'd estimate. Score: 8.1/10

S06E18 - "Frontierland" (22 April 2011) - Review next time. Haven't had a chance to watch this one, yet.


Fletch said...

That's okay - I'm way behind on shit, too....blog reading, TV watching, etc.

Of course, as you may know, I only watch one of these shows, and I'm two Justifieds behind. I smell a marathon in my future, through to the finale. Sweet...

Time Lord said...

You're behind on JUSTIFIED?! Gasp, man, and another gasp!

Hope you dig the last two eps - they're bloody fantastic.

Season 3 time yet?

Fitz said...

I'm glad Justified didn't leave us on a huge cliffhanger this year.

Fletch said...

Finally caught up on Justified the other day...

Solid last couple episodes. A bit tidy, but still hard to seriously criticize (which means I will now nitpick).

I understand the motivation, but I didn't really care for them bringing back Loretta. It made for a powerful ending but felt forced.

Loved how Dickie turned into the Ike From Tombstone character (if you don't get the reference, watch it asap). He's unkillable, man! Doyle...wow. Those poor children...

Boyd kinda got the shaft all season. He stole (owned?) season one, and he needs better shit to do. Ava was meh all season. I did dig the Winona/ex-husband/creepy guy from Dear John storyline.

I hate seeing Art pissed off (and pissed at Raylan) all of the time. It was a solid move, it just makes me sad. Those two have a great rapport when clicking.

Still probably my favorite show on TV. Needs more character actors as guests again. Loved seeing that guy that played Dickie's partner, especially since he's normally just a clean-cut normalish dude. He kinda pulled it off.

Time Lord said...

Fitz - Indeed. Although "Bulletville" didn't conclude with a cliffhanger. I just don't think it's their style.

Dylan - Don't get the TOMBSTONE reference. Consider it on my tight list of things to watch soonylike.

I agree about Boyd and Ava. Ava was a strong character in season one, and perhaps moreso than Boyd, she majorly got the shaft, mostly hiding behind Boyd's proectiveness and not doing much other than the occasional gun-holding and threatening. With Boyd - well, looking back at the whole of season two, I gotta wonder...what was the point of it all?

Also agreed about Art and Raylan. I just want them to be friends! But it seems Raylan ends up pissing everyone off, including that blondie dude from two episodes ago who was tailing him for protection (don't remember his name).

I recognized Dickie's partner as Gabriel from SUPERNATURAL (the Angel), so it was pretty nifty to see him as a bearded redneck here.

C'mon, season three!