12 April 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 22

Title: Scream 3

Notes: 20 installments ago, I shared my love of Scream 2, and now, with the fourth film of the franchise hitting theaters in a few days, I thought this to be the perfect time to discuss the concluding chapter of the original trilogy. Personally, I'm torn. There are positives, and there are negatives. I actually didn't mind the twist in the end, feeling that it connected rather nicely to the original, albeit a bit of a twist stretch, I grant you that. My biggest disappointment with this film is the lack of Sidney, really. I know she's in a decent percentage of the movie, but it doesn't feel like that. After all, she's the focal point of the entire trilogy, and she felt regulated to a secondary character, the film becoming The Gale and Dewey Show. Would have been awesomer to have Dewey die in Scream 2. Anyway, I enjoyed S3, but I ain't in love with it like S2. However, there was a draft I skimmed through of S3 some time ago, and I daresay we're very, very lucky with what we have right now. Scary, man, scary.

Discuss: Your thoughts and feelings concerning Scream 3. Decent flick? Super shitty? Did you like the reveal of the killer? Speaking of kills, were the deaths up to expectations? And, perhaps, thoughts on the impending fourth film.


Jack L said...

I've only seen the first one, it was pretty good and I've been meaning to see the other before the four comes out but still haven't got around to it...

Anonymous said...

Not as terrible as many have said, but still not that good when compared to the first two.