20 June 2011

MMAM - Vol. 39

So I like HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. *Shoulder shrug* Truth be told, I haven't listened or watched the trilogy in a long while, but mom fancied a revisit to the Efron/Hudgens romance and threw 2 and 3 on. And there I was, digging the music like it was the first time I saw it. This song particularly is rather relevant in that I'm in the process of preparing to sit down and write a novel, do that whole do-what-I-preach/stop-procrastinating thing, and I'm betting on myself.

Yep. Deep thoughts associated to HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL. Wowzers.

Anyway, the song below originates from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2, titled "Bet On It", and aside from some rather embarrassing choreography, it ain't a bad song. Cheers.

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