27 June 2011

MMAM - Vol. 40

I've been walking to work the last few days and blasting my iPod. Initially I anticipated playing some DOCTOR WHO music, or maybe some rockin' tunes to get me in the mood to deal with whatever oddball series of customers the day would bring. Lo and behold, I throw on some BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. Bear McCreary. What a brilliant, brilliant man. Instead of just one track, I'm going to throw two on here. These selections are examples of McCreary's beautiful work, and they're the two tracks I replay the most.

I hope you enjoy, and with the gazillion times McCreary and Giacchino are dropped on this blog, you might be enticed to buy/download their soundtracks. Without further ado, two awesome, beautiful, perfect tracks:

"Violence and Variations" I primarily play to get me in the mood. It's a war piece as the Galactica raids New Caprica to save their enslaved crewmembers. This is on par with the greatness of Hans Zimmer's "The Battle", I daresay. A perfect track to get the blood flowing and ready to face the day.

"Laura Runs" is the opposite. Quiet, melodic, and beautiful for the serenity that comes out of it. The track I listen to the most, and the track I listen to last before I clock in for work. If you only listen to one track, listen to this one.

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