14 June 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 27

Title: Lost in Space

Note: Surprisingly few people seem to like the LOST IN SPACE cinematic adaptation. A world of why? Although, I wager if I was a fan of the old tele series, I just might find this flick to be not so good. The family dynamic that I'm sure was so crucial in the series just doesn't seem to gel successfully here, but personally, I can forgive that. The writers basically have a two hour window to create and personalize multiple characters of the Robinson family, create loads of sci-fi drama, and construct elaborate and fun action sequences and space creatures. Quite a lot on a writers plate. So for what we have here, as the finished product - yeah, I dig LOST IN SPACE. The film has some absolutely stellar CG and model work, so well done and pristine one could easily mistaken it as a recent release (as in the last three or four years). So in regards to digital effects, LOST IN SPACE is solid. Performances - eh, not so much. Matt Leblanc doesn't have the ability to deliver his one liners like Harrison Ford, instead coming off a bit stilted and awkward. Good ol' John Hurt could try a little harder to create more depth to his fatherly character instead of relying on cliches, another ailment that burdens Gary Oldman's utterly unconvincing villain. Seriously, that dude spouts off ridiculous dialogue that I'm sure in his mind sounds like bloody Shakespeare. All that aside, it's a fast paced two hours, and by films end, I want me some more. However, a decade plus later, I sorta kinda don't think that's gonna happen, do you? Still, it's nice thinking about the possibilities.

Discuss: What are your thoughts on LOST IN SPACE? Would you mind a sequel? Thoughts and opinions on the digital effects, the performances? Did you think Gary Oldman was just right or a tad over-the-top? Do you have this flick in your collection?

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