12 July 2010

MMAM - Vol. 2

Michael Giacchino is a name that should really be more widely known. The man's responsible for music in the feature films THE INCREDIBLES and STAR TREK, and television programs such as FRINGE and LOST. Basically, Giacchino is a musical genius. His work is the encapsulation of awesomeness and beauty, and is a talent that I will watch very closely with every new project.

Today's Much Music Awesomeness Monday is from the television show LOST, taking place during its fourth season. This track is titled "Of Mice and Ben", and plays during the final minutes of a episode as all the players take their place to kick-start the riveting season finale. Ben turns himself in to the military dudes, Kate (and someone else?) gets kidnapped by Richard Alpert and his gang of "Others", and Jack, of course, is getting ready to be all heroic man again.

Listened just like this - without the footage of the episode, the music still works splendidly. But quite honestly, when I first heard this majestic piece of score playing alongside the episode action, it sent chills up my spine. I would nearly recommend watching the entirety of LOST just to hear Giacchino's score, and this is but one of many great examples of his work in the series. Enjoy!

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