27 July 2010

MMAM - Vol. 4

In the wake of really good shows that don't survive, there's Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I wrote about it back on Day 10 of the TV Meme, so you can check that out and read my opinion on the show (which, duh, is quite positive). Another aspect of the program that was super duper awesome was the score and choice of music for every scene.

T-SCC utilized slow motion multiple times to really emphasize and dramatize a scene. There is no better example of the usage of slow motion than in the sequence this song is playing in the season 2 premiere, "Samson & Delilah." Shit is going down - John and Sarah are being beaten down hard, and Cameron just got blown'd up so her wiring is a bit fuzzy, but one thing's for sure: her mission now is to "terminate John Connor." In slow mo, Cameron walks up the steps to find the Connors, who are fighting for their lives, gun and hand, and she gets ready to fulfill her mission...

Great scene, great opening to the season, and great song by Sarah Manson. It's also really neat when I'm cleaning up the house, just havin' it blasting from my computer speakers. I definitely recommend a listen:

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