05 October 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 2

The horror theme continues with this installment of Tuesday Cap, and will continue throughout the month of October. Judging by the level of interest the first installment garnered, I'm assuming it might take a while before this feature gets some steam. Nonetheless, it allows me to gush about flicks, so that's a plus.

Title: Scream 2

Notes: In 1996, DAWSON'S CREEK creator Kevin Williamson and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET director Wes Craven teamed up to deliver a amazing horror movie in the form of SCREAM, a film that both made fun of and simultaneously embraced the genre. If reports are to be trusted, Williamson had outlined plots for two sequels, creating his own little SCREAM trilogy. Within a year, the second installment, SCREAM 2, arrived in theaters with Craven at the director's chair again, and all the surviving members of the first movie back for the second. Personally speaking, SCREAM 2 is my favorite of the franchise, where I believe the biggest and best tension-filled scenes are, and also boasts the best performances as well as multiple great 'woman power' moments. The final confrontation between Sydney and the killer/killers [trying to keep this mostly spoiler-free] is gripping, and the dialogue exchanged between theme fantastic. SCREAM 2 had the creative dudes behind the camera firing at all cylinders, and made for one hell of a sequel, not to mention great opening sequence that nearly beats the sheer brilliance of the original's Drew Barrymore frightfest. After a rewatch of all ten Michael Myers movies, I'd very much recommend giving the SCREAM trilogy its due attention, if just to prepare oneself for next April's SCREAM 4 - which I also am super excited about.

Discuss: Was SCREAM 2 a good sequel? Any favorite moments? Favorite death? Favorite line of dialogue? Was the movie rubbish? Were the twists predictable? Should SCREAM 2 never have been made?

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