26 September 2011

MMAM - Vol. 46

This wasn't the music I was going to use today, but honestly, I can't get this track out of my head.

The thing is, SIGNS "Main Theme" freaks the hell out of me.

The hairs on my arm stand up, my body tenses, my eyes dart around looking for something supernatural coming my way, and I prepare to get the frak outta Dodge. This is bone chilling music, but yet --

-- it's beautiful. Amazing, really. One hell of an brilliant, beautiful, amazing piece by James Newton Howard. Like or hate the flick - wow, James did a majestic job.

So it gets major props from me. Frakkin' scary as hell, but also extremely beautiful (and dramatic) to listen to. Think I'll have this on iTunes repeat today...


Anonymous said...

The theme is pretty creepy! Howard is the one who did Titanic right? It's very different from that romantic melody he did for that film, but yeah, it fits the tone of Signs very well. I quite like that movie, great performances from Gibson and Phoenix.

Time Lord said...

James Horner did the music for TITANIC. Just associate Horner was James Cameron, and you're solid. If I remember right, James Newton Howard's done the music for every M. Night flick. Bloody hell, his work on THE LAST AIRBENDER is breathtaking (in fact, it's the first MMAM post!).

I concur - I dig the SIGNS. My favorite next to UNBREAKABLE in his filmography.