17 September 2011

This is totally mine, and I LOVE it!

Yeah, that's hanging up on my dorm room wall...

If you don't know what that is, A) shame on you, and B) that's the TARDIS exploding, as painted by Vincent Van Gogh in the DOCTOR WHO episode "The Pandorica Opens". See, The Doctor met Vincent in an earlier Series 5 episode. They bonded. Later on, he had a vision. The TARDIS, The Doctor's time travel machine, exploding, basically eviscerating all of reality. That's bad. Vincent drew the painting as a warning for The Doctor, a painting that survived thousands and thousands of years until River Song (Alex Kingston, "ER") was able to get her hands on it and present the painting to The Doctor. Ultimately, the fate of the TARDIS was inevitable, leading to one hell of a jaw-dropping cliffhanger and questions that still have yet to be answered.

But most importantly --

It's so PRETTY!!!!

If anyone else is interested - and I know ya are - I also have up an SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD poster, two other DOCTOR WHO's, and one HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS with Harry and Voldemort's face meshing into one. It's pretty awesome.

Alright, back to my regularly scheduled doing homeworkness.

Actually nah. It's the weekend. I'm gonna watch some more INVADER ZIM, and then maybe take a peak at BURN NOTICE after three people told me with absolute enthusiasm that I will love it. We'll see.

And finally: if you haven't watched DOCTOR WHO. Yeah. You should.

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