18 November 2010

LAMB #748 - Me!!!

The day has come! The Ramblings of a Minnesota Geek is now a official, pictured member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs! #748 is me number, mates. If it was #907, I could have made a rather lame DOCTOR WHO joke, but alas, I don't really think I can make #748 into something geeky humor related. 4 and 8 are numbers from LOST, the 'cursed numbers' as Hurley likes to call 'em. So, that's something. Er, moving on from that, to all who are checking the site out for the first time, I bid thee -


Sadly, posting is going to be a little rubbish for the next week as my ability to log onto high-speed internet will become increasingly limited. Plus, finals are fast approaching here at Minnesota University Mankato. I have a 7-10 page paper on Toni Morrison's BELOVED to write, which I'm not remotely looking forward to. But, on the cool cinematic end of the spectrum, I am given the awesome pleasure of writing a 5-7 page paper on Ingmar Bergman's THE SEVENTH SEAL, arguing how it's his most personal movie in his filmography. Anyhow, that's what I'll be doing for the next week. And, of course, HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS, PART 1 tonight.

Please enjoy the features and reviews. Upcoming reviews, aside from HP7, include SAW VIII and PIRANHA, as well as lavishing love letters on the AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER animated series which I have just recently become addicted to.

Andy the Time Lord


Castor said...

Congrats on finally joining LAMB Andy! Glad to have you aboard.

Andy the Time Lord said...

Thanks, Castor! Feels good to be all LAMBy and official-like.