29 November 2010

MMAM - Vol. 18

Finally getting off my arse to finish off my review on 24's eighth and final season before the impending DVD release next month, my love for the series has sort of been rekindled, and so I thought I would celebrate the show through this particular feature. Sean Callery's music was just as instrumental to the success of the show as was Kiefer's unbelievably powerful performance.

Today's Much Music Awesomeness Monday installment is from 24 Season/Day 6, titled "Fayed's Death." In a overall lackluster season, this sequence is by far one of the most chilling, most heart-pounding of them all as Jack Bauer kills without mercy or the slightest hint of compassion. Callery's wonderful accompanying score compliments this eerie and cold mood perfectly. Enjoy!


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