22 November 2010

MMAM - Vol. 17

One of the many pleasures of becoming addicted to AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER was experiencing the mesmerizing music that accompanied the similarly arresting visuals. Composed by Jeremy Zuckerman, the music is a experience all on its own. His work in all three seasons is phenomenal, hitting at Michael Giacchino levels at times. Below I have embedded a track from the Book One finale, when Aang enters the 'Avatar State' and wrecks havoc on the Fire Nation while channeling the ocean spirit. It's a mesmerizing scene, and successfully sent chills up mesa spine. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

If there's one thing Shyamalan did right with his cinematic adaptation, is that he maintained the quality of music that is demanded for this story. So, kudos to James Newton Howard on that one. But for now, please enjoy the sheer haunting cue by Zuckerman.

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