23 November 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 9

Title: Hot Fuzz

Notes: Between SHAUN and FUZZ, many a folk would choose SHAUN, but for me, SHAUN is nothing compared to the sheer awesomeness and utter brilliance of HOT FUZZ. Embracing, acknowledging, and respecting the action genre, from mindless actions films to the buddy cop flicks (BAD BOYS II and POINT BREAK, especially), FUZZ is 'da bomb diggity. There's not a single bad note in this flick's entirety, with every joke and action scene played out in perfection. I've watched it a million and one times, and it never gets old. Simon Pegg is at his best, and Nick Frost delivers the goods with every scene he's in. From the cameos (Bill Nighy, Martin Freeman, the dude who plays Filch) to our leads and 'villain' (Timothy Dalton), there's not a single bad or lackluster performance. Pretty much borderline the epitome of perfection, HOT FUZZ is and forever will remain one of my top ten favorite films ever made.

Discuss: For those who love SHAUN more, what traits of that film are superior to HOT FUZZ? How awesome was Timothy Dalton? Favorite joke? Anxious for the third Wright-Pegg-Frost collaboration?


Dom said...

I'm with you on this - Hot Fuzz is definitely the superior Wright-Pegg-Frost flick. I love Shaun as much as the next cinephile, but Hot Fuzz is a step above. Of course, this may be simply because I get an awful lot more of the action film references than the horror ones in Shaun, but I think there's more to it than that.

The cast are all brilliant, and I think the supporting characters in Hot Fuzz are a lot stronger - I mean, it's impossible not to love everyone in the police station. And the genius final fight scene in the model village is just perfect.

Andy the Time Lord said...

Yes! Finally someone who agrees with me! Ditto about the references thing. I fancy myself adequately knowledgeable in the horror field, but there's no doubt many things that flew past me.

A part of me thought it would be cool to have a OFFICE-style series follow this particular police station and see the shenanigans that comes out of that. I thought it'd be funny, at least.

As a monster movie fan, the model village fight that reeked of WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS inspiration just had me giddy beyond belief. Last thing I would have ever expected on this earth, and there it was! Brilliant!