02 November 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 6

Title: Sin City

Notes: A gorgeous collaboration between director Robert Rodriguez (MACHETE) and graphic novelist Frank Miller (THE DARK KNIGHT STRIKES AGAIN), creator of the SIN CITY series. Beautifully shot, at times recreating frames from the source itself, the movie is full on film noir, with three or four different cases of a protagonist, often the anti-hero, stuck in a situation involving murder (and the police). Clive Owen, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, and the gorgeous bodies of Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson are just a few names lining this talented cast. Oh, and lest I forget Elijah Wood, offering one of the freakiest performances I've seen on film, and a nice three-sixty to his good-willed hobbit from those movies. Didn't expect much walking into SIN CITY, but left with a smile. It's an experience, and highly recommended to all. Just, if you're a bit squeamish with the whole blood thing, this may not be for you. Supposedly a sequel is in the works to (allegedly) co-star Angelina Jolie. Rodriguez has stated numerous times it's on his plate following SPY KIDS 4. As for Frank Miller, coming off the disastrous THE SPIRIT, I'm interested to see if he can redeem himself with a worthy SIN CITY follow-up.

Discuss: Are you thinking the same as me?: Screw THE WRESTLER, SIN CITY is Mickey Rourke's "come back" film! How'd you love Jessica Alba as a stripper? How about Rosario Dawson as a stripper? Wasn't Miho awesome? Has black and white in contemporary cinema ever looked so gorgeous? How'd you like the score? A better throwback to the oldies film to GRINDHOUSE?

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