16 November 2010

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 8

Title: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Notes: Not particularly my favorite of the franchise, but it is nonetheless a pretty good one. To be perfectly honest, whenever I throw the DVD in, 90% of the time I skip to the Voldemort resurrection sequence. You can't blame me, man, it's an awesome sequence and Ralph Fiennes was pretty much phenomenal. Plus, it was nice to get a visual of Voldemort, because I was never really able to gain a clear picture of what he looked like from the books, except 'snake-like', which, as you can tell, the makeup artists took to heart. Overall, a decent movie, but in this particular case, the wonder and amazement of Harry's world is better realized in the landscape of literature.

Discuss: Favorite of the series? Did you appreciate the adaptation, cuts and all? Rob Pattinson's best performance? Did anyone else wanna cut Harry's hair for him? Weren't those some pretty dragons? What was up with that wizard band, man? Anyone else wish they kept the Qudditch Field as the sight for the Final Task? Did Ralph Fiennes fulfill your idea of Voldemort?

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