03 January 2011

MMAM - Vol. 23

Some number of years ago, the executives on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS hit a plot where their characters were so mentally and emotionally damaged, where its protagonists, Xena and Gabrielle, were separated and Xena held the utmost contempt for her once close friend. The way to resolve the aggression and resentment came in the form of "The Bitter Suite", a 60-minute episode of XENA that was full-on musical. Now, don't laugh. Don't. "The Bitter Suite" was, and is, magnificent, just as phenomenal, poignant, and brilliant as Joss Whedon's "Once More, With Feeling" on BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER. Those two episodes are some of the finest television hours to ever grace the tube.

So I present to thee a track from "The Bitter Suite." Admittedly, not the one I was aiming for ("Peace and War", which I couldn't find on YouTube), but it'll most definitely do. "Hate is the Star" is a magnificent song that rings so very true, and perfectly epitomizes hate and hostility in song like no poem could. Give it a listen, and if you're interested, there's a mash-up of this song against a Luke Skywalker vs. Darth Vader that's pretty neat here. Enjoy, mates!

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