18 January 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 16

Title: The Princess Bride

Notes: It's THE PRINCESS BRIDE, ladies and gentlemen. Not much to say about the film other than, well, I'm a dude and I love this movie. It's pretty much the perfect form of spectacular fun.

Discuss: Note your love (or non-love [how dare you!]) of the movie here.


Fletch said...

I love it more than you can possibly imagine. An all-timer that should never, ever, ever be spoken ill of.

Thrilled you love it given your age (though it's mostly timeless, the bookend scenes with Savage probably seem pretty dated). Might I ask when you first saw it? I would imagine as a pretty young kid.

Andy the Time Lord said...

It's a great film, and even my old 20 years can appreciate the sheer awesomeness of it. Hell, it was on AMC a few nights ago and I just had to watch it, so I stopped homework to finish it (I believe Westley had just beat Andre the Giant).

Hmm. I first saw it, I think, when I was 7 or 8. I mostly watched the sword fight in the cap above because - well, I love me a sword fight. But for the longest time, the rodents of unusual size (R.O.U.S) in the Fire Swamp scene freaked the living daylights outta me. Not as bad as The Nothing in NEVER ENDING STORY, but pretty close to that.