24 January 2011

MMAM - Vol. 26

TRON: LEGACY [review here] was a pretty effin' awesome production, displaying some absolutely mesmerizing visuals and action scenes. The revenue from the film is apparently decent enough - albeit not groundbreaking - for Disney to be pursuing a third TRON film as we speak, or so the rumor says. But perhaps a good chunk of the talk about TRON: LEGACY doesn't stem from the SPFX that, dare I say, rivals James Cameron's AVATAR, or, as I've mentioned on a few occasions in my review, the uber-sexiness of Olivia Wilde as Quorra, but the score composed entirely by the band Daft Punk.

Personally, I agree, it's a pretty good score. Not sure if it deserves all the attention it's being lavished with, but it's still a solid listen that definitely pumps me up to do my homework or clean the house. Speaking of homework, the folks in the dorm next to mine have their speakers attached to the wall (on my side through the wall, basically), and they play this particular track on repeat a good eight or ten times over, so I'm quite used to it at this point. Initially, I thought it was Hans Zimmer's INCEPTION score because, admit it, there are quite a few similarities in the following track. It nicely epitomizes the movie: the action, the overall feel of the score, and most of all, it reflects the 'running-out-of-time' subplot of the film. So, ladies and gents, appreciate "Fall" by Daft Punk.

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