12 February 2011

Geek Bits: Trailers, Trailers, Trailers

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What with the Super Bowl (which I didn't watch, me being one of the non 44%) movie studios released a ton of trailers and teasers the last week. Although here's to guessing you've seen 'em all already, here they are nonetheless. But with comments from the Geek!

Comments: Frankly, I forgot about this film even being made, and then publicity photos started appearing and word of mouth about how director Matthew Vaughn is still in the final days of shooting even though the theatrical release is rapidly approaching, so it's sort of in my head now. Finally, post-Super Bowl, we got our first glimpse of the movie in action, in the form of a short trailer. Overall, not highly spectacular, not enough to get me salivating with anticipation, but I dig it, and I will most definitely see it. Thanks to the waked out continuity of the X-MEN movies, I was initially puzzled by the inclusion of Beast in FIRST CLASS, but after reading a few comments on at the Comic Book Movie forum, technically speaking, Beast should absolutely be a part of this movie and all that stuff from X3 was frakked up. Okay, then. Looks like the X-MEN movies will be one of the few 'true' comic book movies, with each - except the X-MEN trilogy - having their own sort of continuity and world. Look at X-MEN ORIGINS, which by no means looks and feels like the same Wolverine from the trilogy [although it's meant to]; Darren Aronofsky's forthcoming THE WOLVERINE is purely self-contained, not a sequel or remake as has been emphasized; and X-MEN: FIRST CLASS seems to be in a world of its own, although drawing influences from the Singer/Ratner films. Visually, the film looks pleasing, although I didn't have much in the way of doubt since director Matthew Vaughn is 'da bomb! Still a bit iffy about the casting, specifically McAvoy as a young Professor Charles Xavier, but like most things, I need to see more before I can make judgment. Anticipation Rating: 64%

Comments: I know very little about CAPTAIN AMERICA, so the prospect of a full-fledged film about the character is rather exciting. From a box office standpoint, I'm a bit worried. I don't know if CA has that name brand power to pull off the numbers Marvel wants it to, but here's to optimism. No matter what happens, THE AVENGERS is still a go. Although I'm not exactly a lover for characters who declare themselves as warriors of the American way (Superman included), I am interested to see the outfit in action, and how well Chris Evans will peform as the titular action hero. However, with Evans committed to the franchise (allegedly for six films, AVENGERS included), the prospect of seeing PUSH 2 is pretty slim, I guess [sad]. Anticipation Rating: 76%

Comments: Frankly, didn't have much in the way of excitement level. Now, after seeing this TV Spot. Um, I'm in love. (Except the girl: not a fan. Rather have Fox back) Hell, I might even see this in 3-D! Anticipation Rating: 100%

Comments: And then there's SCREAM 4. I love the SCREAM saga as much as I love the AMERICAN PIE saga, and that's saying something huge. The story, the scripts, the direction, the actors, the twists, the kills and killers - I love it all, and there is no other film before summer that I anticipate more than SCREAM 4. If the theater nearby had a midnight screening, I'd pay outrageous dinero to see it ASAP. You better believe I'm hitting the first showing opening day. The rumor mill says that Williamson and Craven are looking at this as the beginning of a new trilogy, to reflect the horror culture as it is now. Although I love SCREAM, I do think that it should end with number four. I dig the number four, it has some serious awesomeness and rightness to it, so ending the series here, I think, would be good. Two more would sorta just be overkill. I look at SCREAM 4 as entirely necessary. Maybe the plot didn't come out organically in how it relates to Sydney Prescott, as SCREAM 3 closed that up pretty nicely, but the SCREAM series is invaluable in its way to comment about our culture, the do's and don'ts of film, etc. Also, funny fact: in middle school, I wrote myself a SCREAM 4 story. I am actually quite proud of it. Sydney was still a main character, she was in college, and the movie producers were working on yet another STAB movie and some messed up guy emulated the events of the movie on Sydney. Eh, at the very least, I had fun writing it. Anticipation Rating: 100%

Comments: The first clip for RED STATE premiered thanks to a MTV sit down with writer/director Kevin Smith, and although it doesn't show much, it does provide a sense of the atmosphere and tone Smith is going for. His trademark writing is most definitely present and accounted for, but it doesn't seem to have the same pizazz and, dare I say, poetry that it normally boasts. The cinematography is all hand-held, and the lighting is noticeably darker than any picture of his before. Listening to his Red State of the Union podcast, watching the trailer, reading/listening to interviews, and watching this clip, I'm friggin' excited. Now too bad I don't have $71 to see RED STATE when it hits Minneapolis 9 March. Anyone wanna donate? Anticipation Rating: 89%

  • Speaking of the SCREAM trilogy, they will be arriving on Blu-Ray sometime in April to coincide with the 15 April release date of SCREAM 4 [Blu-Ray.com].
This makes me happy. Will own.
  • Screenwriter Robert Orci revealed on Twitter he expects to have a draft of STAR TREK 2 ready by late March, and Simon Pegg let slip shooting will commence around August [TrekMovie]
Anyone else feel like it's been forever since STAR TREK? Gimmie another one, already!

  • SMALLVILLE: 2-hour series finale on 13 May 2011, titled "Finale, Part 1 & 2" [TV Line]. Michael Rosenbaum will return!
Comments: Oh. My. God. Michael Rosenbaum has agreed to reprise his role of Lex Luthor for the two-hour series finale of SMALLVILLE! Hallelujah! 'tis a bright day, sirs! Bright day, indeed! Last seen in the season seven finale "Arctic", the producers have been requesting a return appearance for eons, of which he has declined, but finally motherfrakkin' accepted!!! Oh, this is glorious, magnificent, fantastic news.

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