06 February 2011

OMENS: The Lost Boys: The Tribe

The Lost Boys: The Tribe

Starring Corey Feldman, Autumn Reeser, Tad Hilgenbrink, Angus Sutherland. Written by Hans Rodionoff. Directed by P. J. Pesce. Release: 29 July 2008. Warner, 92 mins., Rated R.

Plot: Nicole Emerson gets lured by some vamps to be a tasty treat, and her brother Chris isn't too fond of that and plots to make sure she doesn't go chompy-chomp on anyone to stop her transformation.

"Your sister's a suck monkey."

The first LOST BOYS was a bad movie made by people who cared about the material and genuinely wanted to craft a good movie. LOST BOYS: THE TRIBE is a bad movie in general, but actually pretty OK in terms of the direct-to-DVD world. The plot is truly regurgitated from the original: someone in the family is infected, and another tries to save them from turning full on vamp. Reading the Netflix comments, I can't exactly get why people can't see this as a true LOST BOYS movie. All the ingredients from the first film is here, minus the obvious '80s influences (Hell, multiple songs from the Schumacher film are updated and included here). You got the vampires taunting a lead character, you have Edgar Frog killing some vampires and worshiping comic books (right on, sir!), the antagonist vamps acting all crazy around town, and even a plotline basically shamelessly pulled from the first.

As main Big Bad Vamp Shane, Angus Sutherland is brutally monotone, but almost unintentionally hilarious in his perfect surfer dude persona. For example, and I don't think I'm ruining much of anything by saying the bad guy dies in the end, when Shane gets staked, he turns around and looks at his slayer, and in the most obnoxious airhead surfer dude voice I've heard from any film or episode of JERSEY SHORE, he asks, "Why?" and dies. Frakkin' hilarious, which I'm quite sure wasn't the intention. More poetically sad...maybe. Whereas Sutherland and his obnoxious band of zero-dimensional let alone likable vamps are a disappointing and surprisingly small aspect of the film (despite being the basis for the entire production), Corey Feldman makes this movie worthwhile just as he did the first when he comes in full force to bring down the Baddies about a hour in. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, he has been ordained as a Pastor, boasts multiple new vampire-killing weapons in his arsenal, and spouts off one-liners that had me chuckling nearly every time. In fact, that quote below the OMENS sign is from Edgar Frog himself. As for Tad Hilgenrbink, a actor well known for direct-to-DVD productions like the AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS... series, is fine enough as Chris Emerson (presumably he and his sister are the offspring of Michael and Star), getting his angry face on and battling some vamps with conviction. Not bad. However, question, why on earth would he ever run out of a shower that has the gorgeous and quite naked Moneca Delain (TRICK 'R TREAT)? Dunno about the rest of the movie, but the believability factor there is zip. Autumn Reeser (THE O.C.) isn't asked to do much other than be swooned by Shane and provide the Philosophical Moment of the Film where she states death is a part of life, and knowing it's around the corner encourages her to seize the day. Yippie.

When I said it was pretty good for a direct-to-DVD flick, I meant that it doesn't feel like one. For the most part, THE TRIBE could have been a theatrical movie. Of course, the stamps of a limited budget is abundant in the flick, such as the lack of wide shots, lack of scenes taking place in crowded areas, but for the most part, it stays true to the first flick.

Basically, if you were a fan of the original LOST BOYS, this flick is probably a bit slap in the face. There's no real connection between the lead protagonist and lead vampire, no real (*cough*) stakes, and no real drama or investment or even fun. But for a dude such as myself, just watching another vampire film, it ain't all that bad, nor all that good, either. It all boils down that if you're interested, sure, give it a look. There is definitely a hell of a lot worse horror films out there, and at least this one was done with some enthusiasm and callback to its predecessor. Besides...Moneca Delain. Shower.

On that note, though, I DID download the Aiden-covered song "Cry Little Sister." Pretty nifty song.

Netflix Rating: Didn't Like It

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