02 February 2011

OMENS: Sorority Boys

Sorority Boys

Starring Barry Watson, Michael Rosenbaum, Harland Williams, Melissa Sagemiller. Written by Joe Jarvis & Greg Coolidge. Directed by Wallace Wolodarsky. Release: 22 March 2002. Touchstone, 92 mins., Rated PG-13

Plot: Doofer, Dave and Adam dress up as girls to retrieve a tape that exonerates them of foul play (which had earlier kicked them out of KOK), but their appearance gets them granted at the girl sorority.

What an amazingly bad movie. Lacking in anything resembling 'funny' or originality, SORORITY BOYS was just bad. And it's not like I started watching it with the intent to dislike; on the contrary, I was looking forward to it because I support Barry Watson and Michael Rosenbaum, two actors who had never failed to impress me. But not even their abilities as actors could save this comicless dud.

First, let's talk about the script. Every single plotline, and basically the majority of dialogue, can be anticipated from the opening credits. There is not a single surprising element in this film, let alone enjoyable. Hell, I had more fun with TROLL 2 than I did SORORITY BOYS, and would declare this one of the worst comedies made (given a theatrical release, I should clarify; or else all those National Lampoon 'presents' titles would fit the bill). There's a certain boringness and sadness that overcomes a dude when you're watching regurgitated lines and plots that hold zero interest to the viewer. Just...suckage. At the very least, I was expecting a movie - nah, a COMEDY - that would make me chuckle, bare minimum. But nope, nada. At best, Michael Rosenbaum gives us an amusing performance of your typical womanizing jock who, once donning the bra and panties himself, gets a glimpse of the other side and gains some understanding. His scenes are far more interesting and, dare I say it, resembling something close to humor than the film's protagonist, played by Barry Watson.

Watson gets it rough. Although he's the 'main character', he's probably subjugated to the sidelines more than any other. Which is fine by me, cos Watson isn't given any humorous material to work with, nor is the romantic entanglement he has with the DOG's president Leah remotely fun to watch as I had expected. It all just rings false and far too forced. To make a very bad, perhaps undeserved comparison, I had a funner time watching VAMPIRE'S SUCK (review here). By all means, skip it.

Netflix Rating: Hated It

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