07 March 2011

MMAM - Vol. 28

Last year's DEVIL [review here] may be a supernatural thriller that split audiences, but if there's one thing everyone can pretty much agree on, it's the fantastic score that accompanied the eerie cinematography and decently plotted story that really sticks out. Composed by Fernando Velazquez, the music of DEVIL perfectly compliments the unsettling atmosphere of the film, beginning with a haunting tone but then bursting with threatening sounds indicating the emergence of evil. Y'know, bible school stuff like that.

As far as I know, the score is unreleased in the U.S., so very much due enjoy the following track. I know it's available at various website downloads, but officially - no such dice. And for those who haven't checked out DEVIL yet, give it a shot. I'd say rental; a blind buy is too...er, generous. That being said, here is the main title sequence music of DEVIL (and by golly, I loved that title sequence).

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