24 March 2011

The Watcher: 03/18/11 - 03/24/11

Last week V had its season finale, this week SKINS has that honor, so this feature is going to be a bit small-like the next two weeks until SMALLVILLE and SUPERNATURAL start up again. Good news, though, is that NIKITA continues next week. w00t! Anyways, onwards!

S01E10 - "Dog Eat Dog" (21 March 2011) - A pretty interesting episode that definitely got my interest. If memory serves me right, this was in the original U.K. series, but I don't quite recall all the details (also makes me think about TORCHWOOD). Overall, it was fun seeing Aidan scrambling to come up with some sort of plan, hear that Bishop knows the Elders intends on killing him tomorrow, and Josh feeling betrayed by Aidan and being overall royally pissed off. That all made for a fun hour of television, despite less than spectacular wolfie CGI. But next week looks crazy cool with a pregnancy! w00t! w00t! Raise the roof! Three more episodes to go, interested to see where this leads. Score: 9.5/10

S04E19 - "Chuck Vs. the Muuurder" (21 March 2011)
- Highlight of the season: Kevin Bacon, the pig, being propelled through the vents by a giant explosion from within Castle. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Overall, episode nineteen was quite enjoyable, full of jokes, action, whodunit?, Buy More problems with Big Mike, Lester, and Morgan, and just loads of fun like the good ol' season one and two days. Heck, there was even a quasi-emotional moment near the end when it looked like the other CIA director chick was going to bite the dust - I felt a moments sympathy for her! (audible gasp) And then there's the end, with Ellie being scanned by Papa Bartowski's laptop. Not so sure if I'm too interested in this development, that she may play some larger superperson role, but it's nice to see Ellie get screentime outside of being married, pregnant, and now nursing. Also, loved the final minutes with Casey saying "for real, this time" when Chuck remarked that he actually has a nemesis...Vivian Volkoff. Nice. Score: 8.1/10

S03E18 - "Stowaway" (18 March 2011) - Still not completely sold on the Olivia/William Bell soul storyline, nor completely in love with Anna Torv's channeling of Nimoy's voice, but "Stowaway" was a pretty damn good episode regardless. And I believe we owe that to the two guest stars. Seth Gahl reprises his role as Lincoln Lee, but with a catch: he's not the alternate universe Lee who assists the Fringe team with Alt-Olivia and Alt-Charlie, he's our version of Lee, and he's just as charismatic, goofy, and awesome. Paula Malcomson, from Caprica, plays the immortal woman Dana Gray, doing everything in her power to die. Her storyline is surprisingly very interesting, and the wonderful performance from Ms. Malcomson really sells it, and I hope her character isn't written off completely because there is some real potential there. So, awesome points = Prime Universe Lincoln Lee, Dana Gray - the woman who can't die. The climax has Bell musing that perhaps there isn't a random order to the universe, that perhaps some things are just fated, destined to happen. As intriguing as that storyline always is when introduced in a show, I hope they don't go that route here. Fringe has always grounded itself in science and interconnectedness, where one character makes a choice and affects the narrative from there eventually resulting in where we are today. So everything is connected through logical domino effects, and I dig that; destiny or fate doesn't play a part in it, and I hope it stays out. However, if those themes become integral to the show, I at least trust the writers that they will have their own unique spin to it. And the William Bell storyline continues on... Score: 8.9/10

S02E07 - "Save My Love" (23 March 2011) - I had a blast with "Save My Love", a reminder of the good ol' days of THE SHIELD when Vic Mackey and his gang were constantly trying to be two steps ahead of the police or who have you so they don't get busted, and in this case, Raylan was doing that for Winona. Although I dig Winona - she's hot and for some reason I want to see her and Raylan together moreso than Ava - I am interested to see how this affects their relationship. In the final thirty seconds, the silent elevator ride shows that there has been a shift in the dynamic of their relationship. Overall, it was immense fun watching Raylan and Winona try to put the bag of money back but constantly being pulled away by the Case of the Week or some other character intrusion (like the super-awesome judge). And now with Boyd hired by this woman as a security enforcer, and her eyes set on the Bennetts, it looks like the season arc is starting to heat up and things are going places. Still not entirely in love with this season, but "Save My Love" is my second favorite next to the premiere. Score: 9.7/10

SKINS S01E10 - "Eura; Everyone" (21 March 2011) - And here we are, the season - and most likely series - finale, and it's a fantastic one. All the events of the last nine episodes have hit a boiling point, and here they explode. Tony, the once King of high school, has become a silent teen laying in bed day in and day out; by contrast, Stanley seems to have taken the reigns as the person people respect and turn to. Shit just hits the fan, and in the end, it's obvious that these characters, through these ten episodes, have greatly evolved.

This episode is mostly about Stanley and the decision between two girls: Cadie or Michelle, which is pretty cool considering Tony was the hot shit with all the girls coming to him. Tony's siter Eura is simply the catalyst. A character we don't necessarily gain a lot of insight to, in part due to her choice of being mute a majority of the time, but it's through her actions the characters confront their fears, angers, bitterness, and difficult choices, and end up okay in the end. Stanley makes his choice (YES!!! So happy it was Michelle. I was worried it would be Cadie, but then again, I feel sorta bad he didn't choose her cos she put it all out there for him this episode), Tea understands that she loves whats-her-name no matter what and stays with her in the hospital, Tony's humanity is coming through and his 'friends' seem to recognize that; Abbud and Daisy confront their friends-with-benefits thing and Abbud realizes he actually digs her (saw that coming, nice development, nonetheless); and Chris is pretty much still Chris. Score: 10/10

A wonderful, lovely finale. And I'll most likely be singing that "Shout!" song for another few days now; bloody Hell. Overall, it's been an uneven first season of SKINS, but that's to be expected of a show finding its footing. The most surprising thing is that the episodes have, more than less, been very strong, cleverly and intelligently written and very well acted from relative newcomers. And aside from all the controversy around the show, it's a pity that it hasn't gained a bigger audience, and it's a shame that it most likely will be seeing a unfortunate fate befall it. SKINS is a great drama about life, about contemporary high school students, about backstabbing, relationships, love, and friendship, and actually something memorable and worthwhile. As opposed to JERSEY SHORE, which will most likely see a fourth and fifth season renewal, and offers nothing substantial to the television world. Cruel, unjust fate of good shows.

If SKINS does get the axe - and I motherfrakking hope it doesn't - I'll write another piece about the show and its many successes because it deserves that. I loved SKINS from episode one and hope to see these characters continue to evolve. If not, well, it is a very satisfying ten-episode arc that leaves things concluded and open just enough to work either way. Season Score: 8.7/10

S02E13 - "Alliances" (21 March 2011) - What a lame episode. There were no characters or plot that I felt invested in, that I gave a damn about. Just another 43 minutes of "meh", which is completely unsatisfying, especially after last week's stellar "Twin Destinies." Never have been a fan of Greer, and I doubt the actor is too thrilled being the character either, nor that other Asian lady who just walks around barking orders cos she's a 'civilian and we have rights!' and shit. Just don't care. And whatever this big thing with the Lucian Alliance and their attack on Pentagon - meh, whatever. I do not care. The threat has not been built up properly, the tension was completely absent, and the only tiny bleep of goodness of the episode was when the two Earth people using the communication stones had to go back to their bodies and inevitably die - that was some genuine emotion there. Otherwise, screw this episode, show me the next one already. Score: 3.2/10


Fletch said...

Yeah, any Justified ep with Stephen Root (the judge) gets bumped up a few notches in my book. God, I love him.

I was a bit bothered that all this drama hinged on a single hundred dollar bill..but that issue got solved.

Excellent as always. This season is rounding out nicely. Love Boyd in a suit, though I'm a bit worried about his boss lady, namely that I'm suspicious of her connection to Martindale and gang. They're drug dealers - what do they care about mining?

Andy the Time Lord said...

God Stephen Root is so damn good!

Do you watch the promos for the following episode, or do you skip it in order to be surprised?

AND...what did you think of the V finale? Do you think it should be renewed or no?

Fletch said...

Fuck - I had a big old response typed up and Blogger ate it...so now you get the short version. :\

Yes, watch the promos for sure. But it barely matters, I forget them by the time I watch the next ep.

V...sure hope it doesn't come back, cause if it does, my wife and I will likely continue to be idiots and keep watching.

How the fuck did Anna and like 6 other people magically appear on that stage? Doesn't Lisa have a tail? Diana wasn't instantly killed - couldn't she have lashed out? So frustrating, this show. Though it was a decent cliffhanger with a lot of potential storylines.