29 March 2011

Tuesday Cap - Vol. 21

Title: The Exorcist

Notes: The scariest movie ever made didn't do much for me, but that above shot, that single friggin' shot and the dust spraying across the screen - it freaks me out moreso than the entirety of the film. Maybe it's the way it's composed, maybe it's the music (or lack of music), but it is creepy. Overall, The Exorcist didn't do much for me other than keep me intrigued by very good direction and performances. Sad to say, but I did find Dominion to be more thrilling, at least with the story (execution of both Dominion and The Beginning leave much to be desired, though). In the end, I still respect the film and understand its cultural significance, but can't be behind the wagon train of movie loving.

Discuss: Were you freaked out by the film? What are some of your fondest or freakiest memories watching it? Favorite scene? Comments on the score? Reflections? Free reign!


Rachel [ f.g.i. ] said...

I think I was 12 or so when I first watched "The Exorcist."

I will always remember the part with the crucifix...you know, when the demon says, 'Let Jesus f--- you' Utterly disturbing, I think I was way too young to hear that!

It's such a slow-paced movie, you really only sit through it to see the last 40 minutes.

Jack L said...

I haven't seen The Exorcist, Horro is a genre I just can't get into...
I suppose I'm too sensitive for this sort of thing :)