26 March 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Jack L. over at Jack L. film reviews has bestowed upon thee the Stylish Blogger Award! Major thanks, kind sir, and for your kindness, me, and other factions of geekdom, say to you: May the Force be with You, and Live Long and Prosper. It feels good to be stylish. Now, as it seems to be customary, I must list seven facts about myself, and then pass on the Stylish Blogger Award to seven other lucky bloggie peoples.
  • My first movie experience was Aladdin at the age of three; however, it wasn't until Godzilla 1985 a few years later that my love for movies - and dinosaurs - was cemented.
  • When I was ten or eleven, bugger if I remember, I submitted a short piece of fiction for some sort of contest at the Rosedale Mall Borders. I ended up winning second place with a short story called "Yamoto Warrior". I attended this ceremony in front of a good chunk of people at the mall and everything; had my award given to be in a glass frame, the whole nice yards. A year later I won third place in Chicago at the Godzilla convention, G-FEST, for an drawing I did. That was pretty cool, but the really, really cool part is that my art was judged by none other than Bob Eggelton!
  • Another thing about Godzilla: I actually owned a official T-shirt and production hat from the 1998 Godzilla film, given to me by a crew-member who lived at the apartment my mom and I lived in 1996-1999 in Oakdale. Unfortunately, I lost both items in 2004, although I have a hunch as to were they might have been...
  • Thanks to loads of Buffy, Doctor Who, and miscellaneous British programs, I tend to say "mate", "bloody hell", "bollocks", and "blimey" far too often and my friends get a tad frustrated. Not like I mean to do it, just sort of comes out, like my friends' ability to say "like" and "you know" more in one day than anyone should in their whole lifetime.
  • This may be a cliche, but I'm an aspiring writer. I hope to become at least a quasi-successful novelist, with some people in the world either buying and reading my book(s) or looking at it at Wal-Mart, skimming the back over and then putting it back. If I ever do become successful in this endeavor, my specific genre of interest: science fiction. But no matter what I do, I always end up incorporating good vs. evil/religious undertones to my stories, despite not being a remotely religious man.
  • I own two Master Replica lightsabers, two of my three most prized possessions. One is the Anakin Skywalker lightsaber from Episode III, the other Darth Vader's. Oh, happiness. My third most prized possession is the Eleventh Doctor's sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who.
  • I'm not very 'hip' with the music scene. Concerning regular everyday vocal music - the non compositional movie soundtrack kind (which I'm addicted to) - it usually takes a film (like The Hangover) to open my eyes to new music. So when my roommate plays something that is apparently quite popular and I haven't a clue who they are, he's completely shocked I don't know, say, Linkin Park. At the very least I now know Linkin Park had some music in the two Transformers movies. I do know I hate Screamo music, but if anyone wants to suggest some cool bands or what have you, you're encouraged to do so.

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Jack L said...

You really are a geek Andy!
Not that there is anything wrong with that, in fact being a geek is great!
I'm not up to date with the he latest music either, I barely know any of the latest bands and I usually don't like their music when I do hear it...

I wish you luck with your writing!

Castor said...

Oh very kind of you to tag us! I will definitely your first book when it comes out :)

Fletch said...

I think I've gotten one of these in the past, so I probably won't play along, but I wanted to thank you much for the tagging nevertheless.

So...what genres of music do you find that you like? I can try to help...some months (or years) back, I listed my favorite bands of the moment. I'd start there. :D

Andy the Time Lord said...

Jack - Thank you very much, sir! Speaking of my geekiness, I have a super awesome Batman bookbag I use around campus, and at the beginning of Fall 2010 there was not a single soul with something superhero-y, and now here at the end of March, there's a couple dozen kids wearing something that has some sort of superhero tie in, including plenty of Batman shirts and hats. So, I'd like to think I had some part in making that happen.

Castor - Haha, thank you, sir. And you're very welcome, you run a fantastic site.

Fletch - Welcome mate. You have a awesome and fun writing style few blogs have, so Blog Cabins definitely deserves a nod.

As for non-movie soundtrack music, I have found I like some Rise Against, Simple Plan, and Avril Lavigne (don't make fun). That's about all I remember without my computer in front of me.

I found your 2009 post and I don't know a single one of those!

Fletch said...

"I found your 2009 post and I don't know a single one of those!"

Hmmm. And based off the few you listed, I'm not sure which (if any) of those you'd like. Sounds like you're into punky/poppy more than anything. I'm down with those kinds of bands from the 90s, but probably couldn't even name the current ones (or if I could, I don't think I'm a fan).